Friends by Default: From Work, College, Church, Etc.

As kids, it was a common occurrence for my sister and me to be halfway eaves-dropping as our dad would tell our mom how his day went at work. We would hear him say strange names of people like Foot, Goose, Groucho, and Murdoch. Sometimes our curiosity would prompt us to ask the question, “Who’s that?”  He would always respond with “G.F.W. Guy From Work.”

It’s interesting to me when the word “friend” is followed with the word “from”. Friends From Work. Friends From College. Friends From My Dorm. Friends From Church. These are all Friends By Default.

In a sense, the friendship is forced because of the place these “friends from” met. But over time, as they spend more time outside of the common place, they may find themselves becoming friends without the “from”. And really, that’s how we obtain most of our friends anyway. By default. We just never gave thought to the fact there was a gradual conversion.


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