The Opposite of Evolution: Intelligent Design


I remember being in high school thinking, how can I honestly believe God created the Earth in 6 days when there were obviously dinosaurs who would have wiped man off the face of the planet? Dinosaurs that are inconveniently not mentioned in the Bible. So I decided to compromise: I convinced myself that they were not 6 literal days, but that a “day” was equal to millions or billions of years. That way, I don’t look like that naïve neighbor kid of The Simpsons whose idea of fun is playing Family Bible Trivia.

Then during my first year of college I had such an eye-opening revelation that I just couldn’t stop thinking about it.  A splendid epiphany of  relief and amazement.  Such a nugget of information that it literally changed the the way I see life as I know it.  That’s what happened to me in 1999. I learned how God actually could create the Earth in just six 24-hour days and how gigantic dinosaurs fit into the equation.

It wasn’t until Noah built the ark that it rained, for the first time ever.  That is a big deal. Genesis 2:5, 6- “…the Lord God had not sent rain upon the earth, and there was no man to cultivate the ground. But a mist used to rise from the earth and water the whole surface of the ground.”

From Adam to Noah (10 generations, as listed in Genesis 5) there was no rain. We also know from that chapter that men lived between 365 and 969 years, the average age of all 10 forefathers being 857 years old each. So the point is that before it rained, people lived a LONG time.  Over 10 times the average of what people live today.

So there had to have been many millions of people who were born and lived during just those 10 generations. Obviously there wasn’t birth control so just one man would have probably produced many offspring during his lifetime alone, then his children his children, and so on. That’s a lot of people living a long time…

So Noah was 600 years old when it rained for the first time. That’s thousands of years with no rain. Genesis 7:11- “In the 600th year of Noah’s life…all the fountains of the great deep burst open, and the floodgates of the sky were opened.”  So there was plenty of water under the Earth (which watered it) and plenty above the Earth, which created a greenhouse effect. That’s part of the reason they lived so long. It was a completely different living environment. I haven’t even mentioned yet that the all people in the history of the world at that point were all vegetarians.

After the months of flooding were finished, God told Noah some history-changing news: “The fear of you and the terror of you will be on every beast of the earth and on every bird of the sky; with everything that creeps on the ground, and all the fish of the sea, into your hand they are given. Every moving thing that is alive shall be food for you; I give all to you, as I gave the green plant” (Genesis 9:2, 3). So prior to this, they were only eating plants. Thousands of years and millions of people eating plants.

Not only did the people not eat animals, the animals did not fear the people. Comprehend this: vegetarians living amongst tame animals. Tame cows are easy to imagine. Even tame birds. But what about tame tigers? And bears. What about dinosaurs? Keeping in mind the environment of the world prior to the Flood was a greenhouse. It’s no wonder that ancient cave drawings have been found that show people riding dinosaurs. People capture in art what they value and what is familiar to them.

But how did a brontosaurus fit on the ark? The same way any large animal fit. Get ‘em while they’re young and small, of course. But by the time they got off the ark, and the greenhouse effect was gone, the survivors found a different Earth. The huge dinosaurs did not have enough to survive on.

The Great Flood broke apart Pangea, the land mass which made up all the continents. The zebras from Africa once freely crossed the then-nonexisting border to South Carolina. (Zebra skeletons have been found as far as Salt Lake City, Utah.) But they just couldn’t survive in the new land mass now known as America. The penguins in the tropics died off. The penguins in the Arctic survived. The kangaroos in the Russian tundra couldn’t survive, but the ones in Australia did.

And of course I was wrong about dinosaurs not being mentioned in the Bible. It’s just that the word “dinosaur” was not coined until 1929. Instead, there is a “leviathan” (mentioned a total of 5 times in the Bible: Job 3:8, the entire book of Job 41, Psalms 74:14, Psalms 104:24-26, and Isaiah 27:1). It refers to a giant see monster that is impossible to capture.

Another word for a dinosaur in the Bible is “behemoth”. It is mentioned in Job 40: 15-24 as a beast that was created “with man” (as in the same week, not millions or billions of years before.) The verses describe the creature having a tail of cedar; the behemoth’s massive strength is compared to God’s. I can’t think of any animal living today that has a tail anywhere near the size of a cedar tree.

This has been a briefing of the history of the ancient world. Should anyone worry about “carbon dating”, just keep this in mind: When Adam and Eve were created, they weren’t babies. They were “man” and “woman”. The animals and plants were also fully grown. So why wouldn’t the rest of the universe be fully grown as well? Something to think about the next time while during a tour in a cave there is a stalactite growing over a wooden sign that was posted 40 years ago which explains to you that it took thousands of years for the stalactites all around to grow.


8 thoughts on “The Opposite of Evolution: Intelligent Design

  1. Of course the great flood wiped out the dinosaurs! Thats why their fossils are found in completely seperate areas of geological strata than mammals tha apparently shared their habitat! Of course different environments make humman beings live 6000 years! I am sure that differnt living conditions just “miraculously” remove toxins from cells, turn on latent telomerase genes, stop crippling buildups of natural toxins, and repair decaying gene timers in the cells! Climate can totally do all that just like magic! This seems so clear once we throw logic out the window! I wont even start on one man having millions of offspring in ten generations. Lets quote the bible on leviathan…


  2. about the leviathan…
    His breath sets coals ablaze, and flames dart from his mouth.
    Yeah…apparently this “dinosaur” breathes fire.

    Also fun- god only made two of these creatures…then killed the female and saved its flesh for the banquet at judgement day.
    Dinosaur steaks all the way!

    The behemoth was also a singular being made to dwell on land, a twin to leviathan…

    Where here do you get the idea of multiple species of interbreeding creatures which covered the earth in bones and conveniently died out after the flood. If you have to twist the bible that much to get your way…are you really serving the goals of Christianity or perverting the interpretation of the word?

    *Also as a correction to my previous post, by latent telomerase coding genes, I wish to imply the genes which code for the protein complex telomerase which rebuilds the telomere caps at the end of chromosomes. The deactivation of these genes is widely considered a major factor in aging. It is however, NOT affected by climate or atmospheric conditions.


  3. I could go on…
    I could talk about…
    1. The improbability of constant climate between pangaea and the newls split off continents.

    2. The effect on the nitrogen and phosphorous cycles of 6000 years without rain…yes even WITH “upwelling springs from the ground” that would not allow phosphorous and nitrogen to properly distribute from atmosphere to ground.

    3. The size of the ark versus the size of dinosaurs. The bible does in fact mention the size of the ark…I do not feel like looking it up but I invite you to do so. This is referenced in the bible. Dont forget to factor in food for the gigantosaurs, carnosaurs, apatosaurs, allosaurs, tyrannosaurs, and whateverthefuckelseasaurs you decide to plunk down in the ark.

    4. Tensile strength of gopherwood versus pressure of apatosaur fett…ouch. I suppose you couldclaim gravity varied before the flood too…then we can get into stabbing physics in the face as well as biology….

    5. Cave drawings of dinosaur riders…in the words of the wonderful basement dwellers of youtube…pics sir or it did not happen…

    6. Penguins do not live in the arctic they live in the antarctic. Yes…this is an inane point. Yes, I did post it anyway.


  4. I can still go on!
    7. Vegetarians live 7 years longer than those who eat red meat. Note that that is missing three zeros.
    here is a study! Yay science!

    8. And I quote…from your DELIGHT of an article…
    “This has been a briefing of the history of the ancient world. Should anyone worry about “carbon dating”, just keep this in mind: When Adam and Eve were created, they weren’t babies. They were “man” and “woman”. The animals and plants were also fully grown. So why wouldn’t the rest of the universe be fully grown as well?”
    Carbon dating of a being that was 50 when it died, and carbon dating of a being that was 5 when it died would show almost identical results if animals died a few thousand years ago. Age of the animal does not matter particularly, if at all. All that matters is time of death. Namely. if the animal died 100,000,000 years argo, the carbon isotopes in its remains would have decayed significantly more than if it had died 500,000 or 5,000 years ago. Thus, a baby apatosaurus would have an identical reading with a fully grown apatosaurus, provided they died the same day, or within a small span oftime of each other.
    Don;t believe me? Yay wikipedia! Linksies 😀

    *a correction to my third rebuttal. You have used the explanation…”get them while they are young”. Oh my, haven’t considered that one! I reply, take into account the sheer number of species on this planet. Here is a list of species of the mantis family of insects…I could post a more complete list of all species but I figured by the time you finished scrolling through TWO THOUSAND species of mantis you would be tired…If not…there are lots of species lists! Look them up. Yay google!
    Keep in mind the food for these animals and the cleaning of their wastes and the original GATHERING of 2000 species of mantis…don’t forget male and female!

    I could go on…but I don;t know if you will even read this and it is suddenly impressed upon me that this may be a waste of my time. I may check back on t his article in a week or two. If you would like to post an explanation for my list in the comments…I would LOVE to talk more…



  5. A final correction… the link in rebuttal 8 is to the ORDER Mantodea. Most of the order mantodea are in fact in the family mantidae…but it seems important to mention… Plese dont argue this means that there are not as many species as I claim. I chose a convenient insect species list because I know more about them than others, but I can list others, many many many others. MILLIONS of others. Literally millions. There are that many species lying around this old earth of ours…


  6. Seriously…give me an intelligent and well reasoned reply, and I WILL answer you. Just please please cite some sort of PROOF. I’ll even accept bible quotes…just explain all the things I mentioned in a rational way. Make your article more convincing. Use this for refinement if you like…just post a continuation in the comments… I promise you it can only help you make a more convincing argument or perhaps make you more open to other views…
    The whole problem with wordpress is that it turns into a monologue…comments and articles both. Start a conversation!


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