Dear Jack: The Return of Popples, for the Children of the 80s’ Children

4 years, 11 months.

Dear Jack: The Return of Popples, for the Children of Eighties’ Children

Dear Jack,

Last Friday night during dinner, you initiated a conversation with Mommy and me:

“There’s these animals called ‘Pop Balls’, I think… but maybe they don’t make them anymore.”

It took me about two seconds to figure out what was going on. My assumptions were right:

Your teacher, Ms. Aimee, who is also an Eighties Child, like Mommy and me, had told you and your friends about Popples.

I shared the good news with you:

“Jack, I got a Popple when I was about your age. I got it for the Christmas after I turned 5. I’ll text Nonna and see if see if she can find it for you by the time we get to their house tonight.”

Without surprise, when we arrived later that night in Alabama, Nonna had my old purple Popple there waiting for you. (Thanks to Google, I just learned her name is Pretty Bit.)

She has quickly become one of your favorite stuffed animals; as she was mine. There’s definitely a Transformer type of element involved, despite it looking so cute and cuddly.

You can now very easily transform your/my Popple back and forth from its ball-like state; something I struggled with when I was your age.

I was also quite impressed with your drawing you came home with on Tuesday of her. You are obviously very proud to own such a rare relic of American pop culture.

In what is a complete coincidence, because Ms. Aimee didn’t know this when she told you about Popples, but next Friday, Netflix is releasing their new original reboot of Popples.

There is a saying: History repeats itself.

That definitely is the case with Popples. And that’s not only because Popples are making a comeback for “the children of the Eighties’ children”. It’s specifically because you now own one of the original Popples; from 1986, nearly 30 years ago.