Dear Holly: The Case of the Missing Teddy!

7 years, 1 month.

Dear Holly,

Last Friday night, your brother went to the rodeo with one of his friends. He thought of you while he was there and picked up a free swag (“stuff we all get”) teddy bear for you.

You were so happy to see such a surprise the next morning when you found it. All of Saturday, you carried it with you wherever we went.

That afternoon, we went to my coworker Lori’s going-away party for her foreign exchange student. Lori immediately asked you, “Oh, Holly- what’s your teddy bear’s name?”

You proudly responded with a big smile, “Henry.”

That night, as Mommy was tucking you in to bed, a panic occured: You couldn’t find Henry!

Over the next couple of days, as a family, we searched everywhere. I went back to the restaurant where we all collectively remember seeing it last, at the going-away party.

I spoke with the restaurant manager myself, but he confirmed they didn’t find a teddy bear, and if they did, they would have placed it up front at the cash register.

After days had passed, we were all just about ready to give up on the search, though the consensus was, “But it has to be somewhere in the house…”

Sure enough, on Wednesday morning, you shouted with joy, “Daddy! Today’s the day! I found Henry! He was in my pillow case the entire time!’