Dear Holly: Our Friday Dinner Out for Mac-and-Cheese at the Mexican Restaurant

5 years, 7 months. 

Dear Holly,

At this point in my life, I truly do not enjoy eating out at restaurants. I like having complete control over what I eat- and I don’t want to have to pay more for food I can just prepare myself.

However, you have been asking for me to take you back to Acapulco Mexican restaurant near our house; as you declare they make the best mac-and-cheese! That’s where you had your dinner out for your 5th birthday, 7 months ago.

Needless to say, last Friday night, you completely cleaned your plate!

Plus, you were excited because when you ordered root beer with your meal, they brought it out in a real glass bottle instead of a kids’ cup.

I’m glad I could spend that time with you- as I know it meant so much to you!

And spending quality time with you is one of the most important things to me!



Dear Holly: You Now Love Mac and Cheese!

1 year, 11 months.

Dear Holly,

It was just a few weeks ago when Nonna came up for a week to take care of you while I was on my Toyota trip in Atlanta, that you began eating Ramen noodles.

Well, it’s no surprise to me that you now eat mac and cheese too.

Last week you overheard your brother tell Mommy that’s what he wanted for dinner.

You repeated, “Chee?”

(Each week, we’ve kept a little snack-size block of cheese for you in the fridge; as you occasionally ask for it. You’ve treated it more like a teething toy more than food, though.)

I then asked you, “Holly, cheese noodles?”

“Yeah, chee!”

So Mommy brought you your own dish of mac and cheese, along with your brother’s. You went to work right away.

Though you had never eaten it before, you instantly loved it.

My favorite part about this story is that you took it upon yourself to request mac and cheese and try it for the first time.

As you are now less than a month away from your 2nd birthday, I am starting to see you naturally transition into your upcoming age.

You’ve mainly been eating snack-type foods until recently. Now that you’re actually asking for and eating pasta, it shows me that you are growing up.

And while I am very particular about letting my kids have “screen time” before their 2nd birthday, I have been letting you watch Elmo a little bit most days.

So yes, you love mac and cheese. You ask for it. Granted, they are currently being referred to as “cheese noodles” for now, but that’s okay.

I just love being able to see you eating something besides fruit-&-veggie pouches and Cheerios.

My little girl is starting to eat real food now!