Dear Holly: This Has Been Your Biggest Halloween Yet!

6 years, 6 months.

Dear Holly,

When Covid happened a couple of years ago, I feel like it sort of put a damper on Halloween for the past couple of years since.

But this year, Halloween was back!

Last weekend, we actually went to a Halloween party at your friend’s house, and it wasn’t even related to anyone’s birthday. That’s like the first “non-birthday” party you have ever been to.

And for trick-or-treating, you and your brother used our Radio Flyer wagon to gather candy, as opposed to tradition Halloween buckets.

The result: The wagon was completely full of candy!

This has been a big Halloween for us all!



Dear Jack: You are Our Family’s Pumpkin Carver

11 years, 11 months.

Dear Jack,

It is well established by now that you are the official family member who always carves the pumpkin for our front porch.

This year, you added a special touch: A pink Laffy Taffy that looked like the pumpkin’s tongue.

Not only do you do an awesome job, because you are so creative, but selfishly, I appreciate you always elect yourself as our family’s pumpkin carver because ultimately… I have zero interest in bothering with it.

If it were up to me, there would be no Jack-O’-Lantern.

It would never even cross my mind.

But we have you around, so it always gets done!




Dear Holly: Your Last Minute Halloween Costume Change

5 years, 6 months.

Dear Holly,

It made perfect sense that you would be a unicorn for Halloween this year; because when you’re a little girl in Kindergarten… of course you would be!

And your costume was perfectly cute on you.

However, the day before Halloween, you were shopping with Mommy, and found a sleep mask to go over your eyes; like your brother uses at night.

That sleep mask evolved into you taking it upon yourself to invent a creative costume for this year:

“Sleeping Bunny”.

So when we went trick-or-treating and people would ask, “And what are you, Sweetie?”

Just about every time you were asked, you had to correct them:

“Sleeping Bunny.”

Not Sleeping Beauty.

They all loved your costume!



Dear Jack: Carving a Jack-O-Lantern with Papa

10 years, 10 months.

While Nonna was inside the house, painting baby pumpkins with Nonna in the kitchen, you were outside in the front yard with Papa carving up our family’s official Jack-O-Lantern for this Halloween season.

Thanks to some cheap props from the dollar store, you two were able to make a really cool, and scary, Jack-O-Lantern for us to display out on our front porch.

And that carved pumpkin alone serves as the extent of our family’s Halloween decorations, despite being surrounded by neighbors, and neighborhoods, of just about every other house decked out in huge inflatables and plastic skeletons in their front yards!

Dear Jack,



Dear Jack: Your 10th Birthday Party, 2 Weeks Early on Halloween

9 years, 11 months.

Dear Jack,

One question that began circulating was whether Halloween would still be happening this year, because of Covid. Well, we took matters into our own hands at our house:

We had your 10th birthday a couple of weeks early, on Halloween, which just happened to be on a Saturday this year.

The entire party was outside/open air. Most of the time you and your dozen fellow 4th grade friends played out in the court.

The rest of the time was spent in our garage, with the garage door open; as we did some games and crafts, as well has served pizza and cake.

Oh, and Mommy and I went ahead and gave you your gift early too:

The new electric Razor dirt bike you have been wanting!