My “Uncle Nick Groundhog Day Special” Accurately Predicted the Groundhog Wouldn’t See His Shadow this Year

My “Uncle Nick Groundhog Day Special” Accurately Predicted the Groundhog Wouldn’t See His Shadow this Year

Sure, I know. There was a 50% chance I’d guess it right.

But for what it’s worth, the most recent webisode of my original series, Uncle Nick’s Enchanted Forest, takes place on the morning of Groundhog Day and shows that there will indeed be a shorter winter because the “groundhog” can’t see his shadow.

When you watch the video, notice how the letter that Ralph the Red Panda reads clearly indicates the date: February 2nd, 2016. In other words, the setting is right now; not a generic year.

In reality, the webisode was actually filmed on the morning January 30th, and then released on YouTube on the morning of February 1st.

Clearly, all the content and production of this webisode was filmed before Febrary 2nd.

In this webisode, the “substitute groundhog” explains that while the winter will be short and that spring will be arriving sooner, there will be a “dark cloud” in the Enchanted Forest this year.

A new story arc is presented in which it is told that the animals of the Enchanted Forest will have to band together against the “dark cloud”.

After 20 webisodes of Uncle Nick’s Enchanted Forest, I decided to spice things up by adding the concept of a villain; something that has never really happened up unto this point; unless you count the quickly converted Freddie the Fox in the first 3 webisodes.

As the writer and director, I want to see character development of the animals as they must use teamwork to keep peace in the Enchanted Forest.

I wanted that “dark cloud” to contrast the weather, as to not paint the setting too dim. Therefore, I chose for the “groundhog” to not be able to see his shadow, which makes the “dark cloud” stand out that much more.

Stayed tuned, as the upcoming episodes will feature a fresh and more complex storyline as the “dark cloud” is officially introduced in Webisode 21: Bruno the Blue Jay.

Pizza is Awkward When It’s a Public Affair

Jay Leno, the great comedian, once said, “There is no such thing as bad pizza.” And with the exception of the slaughter-house and lard version made by Cici’s, I agree with Jay. But the bad thing about pizza is the over-bearing awkwardness it provides when involving a community set-up. I am a pizza loner.

At work when some people “all pitch in a few bucks” to order pizza at lunch, I don’t rush to get out my wallet. So much to consider: First of all, how much to I give? Five bucks? If so, how many slices does that grant me? Two? Or Three? I need to know. Can I just pay by the slice?

I am very greedy when it comes to pizza. And I am aware that pizza is very unhealthy. So when I do delve into its goodness, I’m all in. I want to be full so that means I need between 4 and 5 slices. And we will need to order something good.  Something besides pepperoni.  We need supreme pizza. Meat and veggies. That way it’s a full meal.

By nature, pizza is sinful. If I actually get enough to be full, then I’ve had way too much. It’s not like a chicken breast where there’s actual enough protein. Pizza is mainly carbs and fat. Pizza, like sin, is unfulfilling.

I only had one sibling growing up. And I was the first born. I hated group projects in school and college. Pizza brings out the worst in me.