Dear Jack: My Old GameCube is Your New Switch

10 years, 3 months.

Dear Jack,

Since your cousin got a new Nintendo Switch, and since some of your other friends in 4th grade got a Switch, you have been asking about the possibility of getting one too.

However, I was able to effectively get you to forget all about it…

I officially introduced you to my Nintendo GameCube from college; along with my decent sized library of games; most of which I never actually played, because I just bought them on clearance once the Wii game out.

Your favorite is One Piece: Grand Adventure; which is a pirate-themed fighting game. You’re better at it than me now!



Dear Jack: Playing Animal Crossing on Gamecube with Your Cousin

9 years, 5 months.

Dear Jack: Playing Animal Crossing on Gamecube with Your Cousin

Dear Jack,

Once it became official that the school year was ending early due to COVID-19, and that you would therefore have the longest summer break of your life, I decided it was to pull out a 19 year-old game system.

I am referring to the Nintendo Gamecube- and the game, Animal Crossing.

Yes, there is a brand-new version of the game out right now on Nintendo Switch.

But it is the 2001 version that I have introduced to you.

Interesting enough, your cousin Calla always happens to own the same game at her house.

So the two of you have been able to compare each other’s unique worlds, since every version of the game is different from the next.

Animal Crossing is a good way to pass the time in a fun and constructive way!