Going To Get Tater Tots Makes My Son Feel Special/The Great Food Truck Festival Of Nashville

3 years, 10 months.

Going To Get Tater Tots Makes My Son Feel Special

Dear Jack,

Recently as part of an art activity at school, you were asked to draw a picture that answers the question, “What’s something that makes you feel special?”

I would have thought you would have said playing with Legos, or getting a Hot Wheels car at Kroger, or even simply playing at home with Mommy and me.

Going To Get Tater Tots Makes My Son Feel Special Burger Republic Nashville

Instead, you answered, “Going to get tater tots.” You drew a picture of yourself with 5 tater tots. To you, that apparently equals feeling special.

This weekend turned out to be a “stay in Nashville kind of weekend”. Coincidentally, “The Great Food Truck Festival” just happened to be taking place in the neighborhood next to ours, in the parking lot of the only place you have ever eaten tater tots: the critically acclaimed and award winning Burger Republic.

So Mommy and I decided to officially make you feel special…


In anticipation of the tater tots arriving, I helped distract you by drawing tomatoes on the Burger Republic coloring sheet for you to “run over” with your new acquired Jeep Scrambler. (I would scribble over each tomato after you rolled the car over each one that I had drawn on your race track.)

Going To Get Tater Tots Makes My Son Feel Special Burger Republic Nashville

I could tell, just being there was a big deal to you. I could clearly see you felt special once those tater tots arrived!

Of course, I can’t fail to mention that we were visiting some of our wonderful friends there. (You’ve grown up with them and their dog.) You were fairly oblivious to their presence until after you had consumed the famous tater tots and we were outside on the playground next to Burger Republic.


It made my day to get to see you and their daughter Parker get along so well. Not only did you play perfectly synchronized, but I even think the two of you look a lot a like.


You were lucky. You didn’t have to take a nap because of the fact we met up with them about the time you should have been in the middle of your nap.


Fortunately, you were able to burn off 100% of the extra boost of energy you ironically get from not taking a nap.


I’m so glad to know that the the of you with be attending the same elementary school and be in the same grade once you graduate out of pre-school. I think Parker is going to make a great friend for you!

You were even able to successfully share your Jeep Wrangler with her. Man, that’s saying a lot…

We finished off the afternoon by walking in between all the glorious food trucks there for the festival.

The Great Food Truck Festival Nashville TN

Having already eaten the food that makes you feel very special, your main concern at that point was to find out which color truck was the coolest.

As I would imagine, you chose the pink one.

When you live in a fun city like Nashville, even the “stay at home weekends” end up being pretty interesting… and special.



Going To Get Tater Tots Makes My Son Feel Special Burger Republic Nashville

FYI: Burger Republic was unaware I was writing a “family friendly review” on them at the time. I was simply a paying customer who happened to be taking a lot of pictures of my son. In other words, I did not “work for free tater tots.” I simply have always enjoyed going to Burger Republic and thought they deserve a shout-out. In case you’re wondering, they do serve vegan burgers too.

GT’s Synergy Enlightened Kombucha Grape Chia: Vegan Friendly Review/Why I Gave Up Caffeine

Last September, five months after becoming a vegan, I took it a step further and swore off caffeine as well. I have been caffeine-free for nearly a year now.

Synergy Grape Chia: Vegan Friendly Review/Why I Gave Up Caffeine

I had begun perceiving caffeine as nothing more than the sophisticated (and socially acceptable) version of nicotine. Of course, in retrospect, I see that is indeed the case:

Caffeine had been “waking me up and keeping me awake” simply because I was addicted to it. To me, it was circular reasoning; like with nicotine.

After dedicating a whole day to going cold turkey to give up caffeine and therefore suffering a debilitating headache that took me to the floor for a couple of hours, I have had no further withdrawals.


I admire Starbucks for their ability to capitalize on the world’s most legal and unregulated addictive substance and still make it seem classy. Their coffee contains at  twice the amount of McDonalds’ coffee to give you an extra kick and to get you extra addicted; as you can see in the chart above, orginally posted in the article How Much Caffeine Is Really In Your Morning Coffee?

With that being said, I no longer participate in Starbucks’ expensive scheme.

Because I am no longer addicted to caffeine, nor do I need it to wake up in the morning.

So of course, being a vegan who doesn’t consume caffeine, I am asked from time to time what I drink in the morning when I wake up.

The short answer is Kombucha tea… when I can afford it.

The specific answer is GT’s Synergy Enlightened Kombucha Grape Chia. It’s vegan, non-GMO, and organic.

I want to be clear that GT’s Synergy Enlightened Kombucha Grape Chia is not endorsing this review. They did not send me a case of their drinks in hopes I would positively review their product.

Instead, I bought a case of GT’s Synergy Enlightened Kombucha Grape Chia recently at Whole Foods. Usually, they cost around $3.50 per bottle, but at Whole Foods, when something is on sale, you get it for the sale price plus an addition 10% for buying the case, so I saved about $7, which is basically like getting 2 bottles free.

Synergy Grape Chia: Vegan Friendly Review/Why I Gave Up Caffeine

While at first glance GT’s Synergy Enlightened Kombucha Grape Chia might sound like an expensive habit, compare it to the price of just one latte at any coffee shop.

However, I only drink half a bottle during the course of one day, so as long as I catch GT’s Synergy Enlightened Kombucha Grape Chia on sale and buy it in bulk, I’m only looking at around 1.50 per day for my habit.

I don’t want to make it seem like Kombucha tea,GT’s Synergy Enlightened Kombucha Grape Chia specifically, simply and perfectly replaces the effects on caffeine.

Instead, the way I want to word it is that it makes me feel ultimately balanced.

Whereas caffeine gives you a temporary bolt of awareness and energy that typically ends with a crash later on in the day, Kombucha regulates my mind and body to a good neutral level.

I like to start off each morning with half a bottle, when I can. Meanwhile, my wife likes to drink a little bit of it before she goes to bed.

There are other flavors, but grape is definitely the stand-out for me.

It’s sort of like the healthy version of Grape Kool-Aid, coffee, and even beer, combined.

Let me know what you think of GT’s Synergy Enlightened Kombucha Grape Chia after you try it… and thanks for reading!