Dear Holly: Taking About Boots is a Fun, Self-Imposed, Activity

2 years, 9 months.

Dear Holly,

This past weekend while we were spending the weekend in Alabama to celebrate Aunt Dana’s 35th birthday, you got to spend plenty of time with your cousins.

While your older cousin Calla was hanging out with your brother, you teamed up with Darla who is just a few months older than you.

As the two of you made your way over to the other side of the room to play in the toy corner, your cousin Darla enthusiastically and confidently suggested to you:

“Let’s talk about boots!”

Immediately, everyone else in the room began laughing.

It was so funny, and relevant, that the two of you would be excited simply to talk about boots!

Obviously, you were happy to oblige to her cousin’s idea.




Dear Holly: Your Impractical yet Adorable Cowgirl Boots

19 weeks.

Dear Holly: Your Impractical yet Adorable Cowgirl Boots

Dear Holly,

Ever since Mommy finished your nursery months before you were born, I have had my eye on those cowgirl boots she placed in your top drawer.

Just the thought of a cute little baby girl who can’t walk or even crawl yet, but who is wearing cowgirl boots… I love it!

So finally, while we were at Nonna and Papa’s house for Labor Day Weekend, Mommy dressed you up in your cowgirl boots along with a new denim skirt. Your feet had grown enough now so that you fit in them.

It’s funny to me that despite that fact I’m the one who was born and raised in Alabama, it is actually Mommy who identifies more with the country motif and culture; even though she was born and raised in northern California.

She’s been a huge Country Music fan since high school. And she worked for CMT before I met her.

I can already imagine you as a preteen, wearing cowgirl boots with your dresses. When I see you now, I often see the baby version of Mommy. So in a way, it’s like I’m raising a baby cowgirl.

There is no doubt you are one happy little baby. Everyone notices this about you. You just love to smile.

But for me, the combination of your smile and those cowgirl boots is nearly too much!

With your Uncle Jake’s wedding coming up in a few weeks in San Diego, I am hoping your boots still fit by then. I want you to be able to get as much mileage as possible out of things.

Ultimately though, I wouldn’t be too surprised if we just always have a pair of cowgirl boots for you to grow into. I can’t imagine the thought of you not being Daddy’s potentially red-headed cowgirl.



Dear Holly: Your Impractical yet Adorable Cowgirl Boots