Heads or Tails?

Sometimes there’s no middle ground.

To entertain ourselves in the cafeteria after we finished our corndog and tater tot lunches, my friends and I would have contests to see who could make a quarter spin the longest on the table before it ultimately landed on either heads or tails. Fine amusement for 5th grade boys. But never once did a quarter remain on its side. It always fell on one side or the other. Heads or tails.

Today I spent my lunch break at Border’s. Browsing through the photograph books, I couldn’t help but notice the cover of a book entitled Traffik. It was a simple black-and-white picture of a Southeast Asian woman looking at the camera. She only had one eye.

It saddened me so much I pulled out the book from the shelf and sat down on a stool to read it. The book was a large collection of photographs featuring women trapped in human trafficking (forced prostitution) in Cambodia. They are often lured from the mountains and the countryside by men promising them good work.

Of course this sort of hellishly-inspired activity isn’t only currently happening in Asia. While attending Liberty University, I listened carefully to the reports of guest speaker Kay Warren, the wife of Rick Warren (author of The Purpose Driven Life). She has spent time ministering to AIDS victims in Africa.

She explained (regarding the AIDS epidemic in that continent,) that many men with AIDS commonly believe (as they are instructed by witch doctors) they can be cured if they have sex with someone who is “pure”. That’s one of the reasons many children in Africa have AIDS or HIV.

It is estimated that today there are around 29 million slaves in the world; particularly in Africa, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. I only learned that a few months ago- I was under the impression that slavery ended 150 years ago.

So many men keep slavery alive today by capturing and selling other people. And so many other men keep slavery alive by buying or renting slaves from these decrepit “businessmen”. And that leaves innocent women and children to suffer.

When some people are given this information, their reaction is, “How could God exist if he lets things like that happen in the world?”

Others react with, “How could God not exist when things like that are happening in the world?” Because they have hope in justice. And hope in a being who is actually qualified to judge the injustice in the history of the world. Not just sit on a cloud.

Yes, we easily agree that human trafficking needs to be stopped and that’s is a horrible thing.  And fortunately, more awareness of the issue is causing groups to form across to help rescue the victims, if nothing else. 

Faith can’t be real if it’s not tested and questioned.  And when it comes to God and a tragedy this horrific, even when we’re not directly affected, it still causes us to either draw closer or further away from God at the simple thought of it.

Heads or tails?

The Cannabis Conspiracy: The Funny Thing about Marinol

We live in a society that has decided that potentially lethal tobacco, alcohol, lack of exercise, poor diet, and abuse of prescription medicine are acceptable. Yet cannabis, despite its known medicinal advantages since Biblical times, is not accepted by the mainstream society.

Knowing this, yet abiding by the nation’s criminal policy on cannabis, hospitals now use a synthetic version of it, named Marinol. It helps those suffering from pain. Interestingly, the main element of cannabis that causes pain relief is THC, which is also the same element that makes a person high. Man had to copy the natural original and I’m sure spent many thousands of dollars to do so.  That’s not circular reasoning. That’s circular stupidity.

Or they could have just used the actual plant, which is free and grows easily in most climates without any known predators. And has been medically proven to be only as addictive as caffeine. And has no documented links with cancer or disease, being that it’s not actually toxic- it’s medicinal and natural.

Mankind has slightly altered God’s free medicine of cannabis into a profitable medicine in which mankind is taking credit for. Moses and Aaron learned that lesson the hard way when they hit the staff against rock to give the people water, taking glory for it on their own, instead of simply speaking to the rock the way God had instructed them. Aaron died shortly after, and Moses didn’t get to live in the Promised Land. The lesson: Never take what glory is God’s and give it to man.

People are suffering from medical conditions that could be helped with cannabis. If  it was legal, they could grow it for free in their backyard if they wanted to. That’s where it came from in the first place. The Original Backyard.

Our lack of social acceptance of the plant allows thousands of people suffering of cancer, emphysema, arthritis, and AIDS to rely on ineffective man-made medicines. Seems unfair.

My least favorite saying in the world is “life isn’t fair”. Because it’s so true.

It all comes down to the mighty power of social acceptance. Though cannabis has been used since ancient history, social rejection made it illegal in America in 1937, which prompted the rest of the world to follow.

And 72 years later, social rejection keeps it illegal. And as long as it’s a crime, average people with normal jobs won’t touch the natural pain reliever. And the way to decriminalize cannabis is by the majority of society understanding the truth, instead of subscribing to the stigma.

The law won’t change until social acceptance does. Logic is a hard thing to follow sometimes. Circular reasoning is just easier.

Maybe it ironically takes an Evangelical Christian who has never actually touched the plant, who abides by the law, who sees decriminalizing the medicine as a Christian mercy for those who suffer from painful, incurable diseases to help shift this social acceptance. Looking around, there aren’t many conservative, Bible believing, non-using writers who promote the innocence and proven good of cannabis. I’m officially it. I am That Guy. And I’m definitely okay with that.

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