Dear Holly: You Wrote Your First Book This Month, Just Like Me!

6 years, 11 months.

Dear Holly,

This month has been a big one. After you watched me work so hard over the past four months, I have now officially written my first book.

Of course, now we need to wait on the editing and publishing process.

Knowing how much you love drawing, coloring, and making artistic crafts, I suggested you write your own book.

I simply suggested the title to you: Bouncing Babies Jumping over the Rainbow.

You took care of the rest: the entire story as well as the illustrations.

I was so proud of you, as you read your story to me.

A few days later, you came home from school with a paper declaring, “My family is worth more than gold because they say that my drawings are very very good.”

I’ve already given you your next idea for a book: Bouncing Babies Meet the Ewoks.





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