Dear Holly: Our Routine Morning Walks (Even in the Winter)

6 years, 8 months.

Dear Holly,

This week you brought home a sheet from school, declaring your goals for 2023.

I made it to the list!

One of your goals is to “I want to walk with my dad.”

Throughout this school year, you and I have been making an effort to take a walk around our neighhborhood before school.

Here lately, even thought it’s actually winter right now, the weather has been warm enough for us to go on hour-long walks throughout the surrounding neighborhoods.

Granted, for most of that time, I’m pushing you in the cheap stroller we bought for Disney World.

But still, you like the option of walking with me.

It’s not only a time for good conversation between us, but you also enjoy checking out the nearby “tiny libraries” along the way; to see if there are any books you would like to “borrow”.

I’m so happy you like to join me on my morning walks!





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