Dear Jack: Your Profitable Career as the CEO of Dollar General!

11 years, 4 months.

Dear Jack,

Last Sunday afternoon, after running to every clothing store in town, I was able to find the last two remaining size large boys’ dress shirts; so that you could dress appropriately as the CEO of Dollar General for your school’s participation in JA BizTown.

I had no idea how involved of a process it was, until you came home and told me about it the first day.

So for two days this week, you went on a field trip to what you described as “a big warehouse”, where all the students had working debit cards to purchase goods at each other’s businesses; based on the money they earned at their jobs.

Your business sold slap bracelets and other toys.

Not every business turned a profit. But as the fearless CEO of Dollar General, yours did!

You ran a tight ship. You took the accounting and inventory very seriously; even down to the marketing! And it worked, very well.

I feel like this is a glimpse of your future…





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