Dear Jack: You are the CEO of Dollar General, For Your JA BizTown Job

11 years, 4 months.

Dear Jack,

You came home from school and quite excitedly told Mommy and me about the fun project you and your classmates are participating in: JA BizTown.

The job you wanted the most, was to be the CEO of Dollar General. I reminded you what I doing for a living is to set up interviews and hire people; therefore, I could easily help you ace the interview to get the job you truly wanted.

Between my insight and your capabilities, you indeed were granted the job of CEO of Dollar General for your grade!

You explained to me that your (imaginary) wage of $9 per day is higher than other of the other jobs anyone could have been given.

“Even more than the mayor, Daddy!” you exclaimed.

Now is the hard part- to prepare your presentation for your class!




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