Dear Holly: Our Living Room is Your Personal Gym

5 years, 9 months.

Dear Holly,

I suppose I was distracted by getting dinner prepped. That must explain why I didn’t even notice you bring out a yoga mat and hand weights, while wearing a sweatband around your forehead.

You had been doing sit ups with the weights for a few sets before I even processed what you were doing.

And there was no agenda of yours to bring attention to yourself. No, “Hey everybody, look at me!”

It was completely your idea to entertain yourself- and no one else.

No suggestions whatsoever from Mommy or me. You have turned our living room into your own personal gym and fitness studio.

You have to keep yourself busy and moving.

Most days it’s running across the floor, practicing what you learn at gymnastics.

And every night now before you go to bed, instead of reading you a story like I used to, you require me to throw you, and I mean throw you, into your bed at least five times.

You like to move it, move it.




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