Dear Jack: Our New Pet Hamster, Beta “Bear” Shell

10 years, 9 months.

Dear Jack,

Two weeks. Two whole weeks.

That’s how long we made it as a family before we collectively decided we were ready to have a pet hamster again; after processing the loss of our first hamster, Alpha.

A conversation never had to take place as a family as to what our new hamster’s name would be.

Clearly, Alpha was the first… so Beta would be the second.

I think we are the perfect owners for Beta; as he didn’t get adopted until later. He is already about 6 months old, whereas Alpha was closer to 3 months old.

Beta is not as tame as Alpha was, but Beta is also a lot more independent. Not all hamsters have the same personality.

Who knows? Maybe Beta will eventually want to be held as much as Alpha did. But for now, he’s at peace just hanging out in his aquarium and playing in the cardboard mansions you make him.




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