Dear Jack: Summer Camp, Sister Edition

10 years, 8 months.

Dear Jack,

I would say the theme of your summer this year has been “Different Summer Camp Every Week.” Between your week at Coding Camp, your week at Space Camp, our family trip to Georgia, our family trip to North Carolina, our family trip to California, your week of church summer camp in Alabama, in addition to another week in Alabama at Nonna and Papa’s house, you’ve hardly had much time to be bored at our house!

But for the nights you have slept in your own bed, you have insisted that your sister join you for what I call “Sister Summer Camp”, where Mommy and I let the two of you stay up later than normal.

I can tell it helps the two of you have good quality time together. And it’s your choice to have her there with you in your bedroom, as she sleeps on her sleeping bag on the floor next to you, or the bunk bed above you.




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