Dear Jack: You Now Love Music from 1983, Like Me

9 years, 8 months.

Dear Jack,

As I was getting you ready for bed Tuesday night, you showed me Mommy’s old cell phone with a cracked screen, and said, “Daddy, watch this.”

I immediately knew what it was from the first note of the song: It was the music video for the song “Our House” by Madness.

You were so excited when you learned that I have owned that CD since I was in high school, along with Men at Work; another band whose string of hits you can’t help but love: “Who Can It Be Now?”, “Down Under”, and “Be Good Johnny”.

This week as I’ve worked from the kitchen table (which currently serves as my office), you have been playing a music video playlist from 1983; which happens to be my favorite year of music.

While you play war with your action figures, along barricades you made from Jenga blocks, you have Mommy’s phone propped up playing the soundtrack: “We can dance if we want to…”



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