Dear Jack: Keeping Your Sister from Talking During Toy Story 4

8 years, 7 months.

Dear Jack,

I have been taking you to see movies since you were the exact same age as your sister is now:

3 years, 2 months.

I admit, that is quite the major coincidence, actually!

The first movie you saw was The Lego Movie back in 2014.

This past Sunday was a big deal for our family, as it marked the first time all 4 of us went to see a movie together.

More specifically, it was your sister’s first time to ever see a movie in a theater.

You made sure during the days leading up to seeing Toy Story 4 as a family:

“Holly, in the movie theater, you can’t talk… okay?”

She definitely listed to you.

In fact, she was so quiet during the movie, she didn’t even laugh along with the rest of the audience every time something funny happened!



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