The Lego Movie: My Son’s First Time To A Movie Theatre

February 9, 2014 at 9:03 am , by 

3 years, 2 months.

Dear Jack,

Three months ago, I wrote you a letter entitled, “Do You Want To Go See The Lego Movie With Me, Son?

In it, I proclaimed to you that if I hadn’t yet taken you to the movie theatre for the first time by February, that I would take you to see The Lego Movie.

Well, that’s exactly what happened.

I’m going to go ahead and say something that may sound melodramatic, but I mean it with all of my heart:

Taking you to go see your first movie in a theatre is officially one of the top highlights for me as a parent.

It was very special to me.

Again, this part may sound overly emotional as well, but here’s how I feel.

Despite being the one to drive you to and from school each day, for a round trip of over an hour a day, I feel a little bit starved for quality time with you.

Mommy gets bath and bedtime duty most nights, as I take care of the dishes.

It’s really important to me that you and I see it as a normal thing to hang out together… just as boys.

The dynamics are so much different when it’s just you and me.

You see Mommy as the main emotional provider; and I totally get why you are so clingy with her.

By no means do I envy that part of your relationship with her.

However, I do deem it extremely important for us to be close, as father and son… in our own ways.

And watching a “guy’s movie” together was a perfect way to do it.

(Mommy gladly went shopping while we were at the movies.)

I was so impressed with The Lego Movie!

quick Google search of “Lego Movie reviews” shows that everyone agrees this is a solid, creative, stand-alone movie.

By no means was it simply a 90 minute Lego commercial.

Instead, it was a movie about the importance of owning your individual creativity and questioning the norms of society; that “being normal” might be a sign your living life by the (Lego) instructions.

I’m so glad I got to be there for you to see your first movie in a theatre.

Not to mention, I’m also very relieved that it was actually a really good, meaningful, and yet hilarious movie.

And, I hear there’s a sequel in the works…

Needless to say, the moment we got home, you asked me to build a spaceship like the one in the movie.

You played with it before dinner, during dinner, after dinner, during bath, and to bed.





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