Advantages and Disadvantages of Summer Camps 

If you still can not enjoy the holidays or if you want your children to spend part of the summer season in a fun way and even learning, surely you are considering taking your children to one of the summer camps that exist one of them is Summer Camps Ontario.

In that case, you want to continue reading. Yes, because, next, we will let you know the advantages and disadvantages that these proposals bring. Do you dare to discover them? Take note and you can take a firm and successful decision:

The advantages of summer camps

The first thing you should know is that there are many parents that every year when these dates arrive, they do not hesitate to send their children to a summer camp. They do it because they are clear that this is a really beneficial alternative for the little ones. And it is that they take into account advantages associated with that, such as the following:

  • It is a way for minors to have a great time doing a lot of playful activities.
  • In the same way, we must bear in mind that there are themed camps. With this, we mean that there are languages, cooking, dance, sports … Thanks to that, children have the possibility to have fun while learning about something they like.
  • Needless to say, this type of proposal for the summer season is a great alternative when it comes to getting the little ones to improve their social skills. And the fact that being with other children they did not know will lead them to communicate with those and even to forge a friendship.
  • It is also considered to be a great alternative for your children to begin to develop their independence and autonomy.
  • Of course, another advantage of summer camp is that they get them to learn values as important as teamwork, respect, tolerance or freedom. And it is not only there that they are going to carry out endless group activities, but also, they will be with little ones that they did not know and who can come from different places in the world.
  • Self- esteem is, in the same way, something that is improved in this type of summer proposal. Yes, since with the different competitions and workshops that are organized the minor will realize that he can do things that he did not even imagine.
  • Of course, we must not overlook the fact that summer camps are considered a great alternative for children to learn to give value to their family and home. And it is not only that they will miss them but that in those places they will not have the comforts that will be at home nor will they be given all the whims. That, at the same time, is a way for you to discover that you do not have to have everything to be happy and have fun.

The disadvantages of summer camps

If you do not choose well, the child will have problems adapting

In order for you to make the best decision about whether to take your children to a summer camp or not, you need to discover what are the aspects against it, such as the following:

  • If they are sent by imposition or if you choose one that does not interest them at all, you will not be able to enjoy the advantages stated in the previous section.
  • In the case that they have never been separated from the parents for several days, it may cost them to adapt to the camp and they may be very negative. What’s more, for some it can be a really insufferable period.
  • In the same way, we must know that sending children to a summer proposal like this requires an important expense. And is that, depending on which is chosen, you may have to provide a relevant amount.
  • If the adult is not well informed about the type of camp and does not certify that their children will have everything necessary and will have specialized monitors or greater security, you can fall into the error of choosing an absolutely inappropriate. By this, we mean that you select one that does not meet the minimum requirements for minors to have a great time and be cared for correctly by experienced monitors.

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