Dear Holly: You Now Only Sleep in Your Mermaid Tail Blanket

2 and a half years.

Dear Holly,

The new norm now is that while Mommy is finishing up the dishes downstairs after dinner, I walk you upstairs and give you your bath.

Mommy steps in to get you dressed and read you a story, but then it’s back to me to read you a 2nd story and then actually put you to bed.

For the past couple of weeks now, you have insisted on crawling into your mermaid tale blanket that Aunt Jenny got for you last Christmas.

It’s basically a sleeping bag- and not that I have any issues at this point getting you to agree to go to sleep, but the mermaid tale blanket definitely serves as extra assurance.

Needless to say, the mermaid tale blanket is now on the “must pack” list for all upcoming overnight road trips.




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