Dear Holly: In Sickness and in Health

8 months.

Dear Holly: In Sickness and in Health

Dear Holly,

I have to accept that you’re simply in that stage of life right now where you’re ultimately building immunity to sicknesses- in other words, you’re getting sick a lot these days.

Really though, I’d prefer for you to just to get it all out of the way now, while you’re still a baby.

As a parent, this is one of the most anxious stages of raising a child. Since Mommy and I both work full time, there are only so many sick days and vacation days we can take turns using to stay home with you when you can’t go to daycare.

Mommy and I both worked the New Year’s Holiday this year, while Nonna and Papa watched you, so we can help rebuild our dwindling pool of sick and vacation days.

Of course, there’s obviously some irony in there. We work so hard to provide for you, yet we have to keep you in daycare- but then when you get sick, we actually get to spend all day with you, not working- while we care for you in your sickness.

I have this theory that because it’s been such a warm winter so far, that it creates an environment for sickness to abound. So maybe I welcome the cold, the ice, the snow.

The sad thing is I can’t remember the last time you weren’t either sick, recovering from being sick, or about to get sick again. In the midst of adding new viruses and illnesses to your collection, it’s as if you don’t know what it’s like to be normal… to not be sick.

Yet still, you are the same smiley little baby girl- who, might I add, is really enjoying crawling these days. It’s like you’re a cute little puppy who follows us around.



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