Dear Jack: Your Special Drawing about My Grandma’s Funeral (“My Fall Break Fun” Worksheet)

5 years, 11 months.

Dear Jack: Your Special Drawing about My Grandma’s Funeral

Dear Jack,

Mommy showed me a worksheet you completed last week, in which you described and illustrated what you did over the 4 day Columbus Day weekend. Immediately, I noticed the section you devoted to my Grandma’s funeral.

You clearly drew her casket, with the elaborate flowers that were on top, with one of the pews next to it. I am definitely impressed by the details you put it to that.

I know that when Nonna finds out about your drawing, she will especially appreciate the fact you remembered the flowers, because it was very important to Nonna that Grandma’s casket had beautiful and elaborate flowers on top of it.

You noticed those flowers enough to include them in your drawing. That’s amazing to me.

Throughout history, people have naturally created art to preserve images of things they value. You valued those flowers. You valued being there at my Grandma’s funeral.

You also drew Nonna and Papa’s house, and the pool next to it.

And apparently the road trip back to Tennessee was of value to you as well, since you made sure to document a picture of us driving back home, from Alabama where the funeral was.

Dear Jack: Your Special Drawing about My Grandma’s Funeral

I love how you did your best to spell:

“I with at my nons.” (I went to my Nonna’s.)

“Foonrul.” (Funeral.)

“My friz: Jack, Jine, Veru.” (My friends: Jack, Jenna, Vera.)

“I with hom.” (I went home.)

“I had fun.” (Correct.)

Since your school was out both Friday and Monday for Columbus Day, you went to the extended day program at your sister’s daycare.

You enjoyed being there so much! You were so excited to go back on Monday, having been there Friday. As your drawing indicates, you very much valued spending the day with your friends Jenna and Vera.

I will always value your artwork. It’s never just about your drawing skills. Instead, it’s about the stories your drawings tell.

Thanks for being so creative.



Dear Jack: Your Special Drawing about My Grandma’s Funeral

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