Dear Holly: What Our Family Did before We Left for the Hospital


Dear Holly,

When we woke up Sunday morning, Mommy and I both knew you were going to be born; based on Mommy’s contractions. So I made sure to document the order of events along with the way.

Since had I been making a weekly “baby bump” Instagram (@nickshellwrites) of Mommy each week, I decided to make a bonus shot: 40 and a half weeks.

Dear Holly: What Our Family Did before We Left for the Hospital

Then I helped your brother Jack burn off some anxious energy by walking around our neighborhood with him while we wore his “monster teeth” that he won as a prize at Chuck E. Cheese a few months back. The idea was to scare cars passing by.

Later that afternoon Mommy insisted that she put out new mulch in the backyard. So I unloaded the 3 huge bags of mulch from my car, which your brother Jack and I had picked up at Lowe’s the day before.

Obviously, I offered to help, but Mommy wanted to make herself physically useful during her final hours of pregnancy; so she insisted that just she and Jack did the landscaping job. So I let it happen.

Mommy had also sent me to Whole Foods to pick up some vegan hot dogs to prepare with the vegan chili she had in the pantry. So we had a hearty lunch, which soon after increased her contractions.

It wasn’t too long before she was doing yoga-like positions in the floor, in accordance with her contractions. Jack quickly joined her, wanting to genuinely support her. That was my cue to text Nonna and Papa to make sure they were on their way, since they would be taking care of you while I was with Mommy in the labor and delivery room.

I remember how anxious I was getting, pacing the living room floor; meanwhile Mommy was calmly dealing with her contractions on the couch.

Once Nonna and Papa arrived at our house, I left with Mommy and Grandma within 15 minutes, at 4:20 PM. We arrived at the Vanderbilt at 5:00. And just 3 hours and 8 minutes later, you were born.

I’ll tell you all about that in my next letter. I have so much more to say and so many more pictures to show you!



Dear Holly: What Our Family Did before We Left for the Hospital



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