Dear Jack: Your First Real Haircut in a While

5 years, 3 months.


Dear Jack,

When it comes to getting you haircuts, typically what happens is I do it myself: I just put you in the bathtub and give you a buzz cut with a #1 guard all over your head.

It looks good on you and it’s free. And you don’t care what kind of haircut you get; no matter what, all you know is, you never like getting a haircut and you are pretty good at delaying it.

I too, had been buzzing my hair off with a #1 guard since your 5th birthday in November. During the coldest months, I’m typically wearing hats most of the time to keep warm, so I’ve been without hair.

But as I’ve been growing at the time, and just got my first real haircut since early Fall, Mommy and I randomly decided this weekend to take you to Great Clips for a real haircut- it’s probably been over a year since you’ve had a non-buzz cut haircut.

We jokingly said you were going to get a Mohawk.

As we were in the parking lot about to go in, you commented to me, quite matter-of-factly, “Daddy, I hope no one at school laughs at me when they see my Mohawk.”

I immediately laughed, and explained, “You’re not getting a Mohawk. That was a joke. You’re getting a haircut just like mine. About an inch on top, a #1 guard on the sides and back, with a low fade into a #3 toward the top.”

You were relieved to hear that, but still weren’t looking forward to the fact you were just moments aware of getting your haircut.

But undeniably, you did so great in there! You enthusiastically answered all the beautician’s questions as she cut your hair.

We took a “matching haircut” picture this week to commemorate the occasion.

Maybe you and I will stick with real haircuts for a while now.



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