Dear Holly: You’re Over Halfway Ready inside of Mommy’s Tummy


25 weeks.

Dear Holly,

It was 4 months ago this week that Mommy and I started telling everybody about you. I first officially revealed the news about you in an episode of my 1st web series, Jack-Man.

With your due date on April 21st , the day after my 35th birthday, Mommy is now more than halfway through her pregnancy. As crazy as it sounds, you’ll be making your arrival in just a little more than 3 months from now!

I was telling Mommy this week how weird of a thought it is that when you turn 5 years-old, like your brother Jack is now, I’ll be 40 years-old.

But I would choose 35 or 40 any day over being 25 or 30. I like how settled life is these days. Life is good. It wasn’t that way when I was officially “young.”

With us living in our new house for a year now (we moved in January 29, 2015), our family has basically been on cruise control, in regards to any kind of major challenges.

We’ve survived debt, getting out of debt, car issues, and even job insecurities since your brother was born; in addition to adapting as a family raising a child for the first time.

It looks like you will be born into a stage of our family’s life when things are calm and stable.

Granted, one of my life quotes is this: “Life is either bad and about to get better, or it’s good and about to get worse.”

I believe it’s important to never take for granted when you are going through a smooth patch in life. I am just as aware of God’s grace now as I was when our family lived through those stormier years.

Hopefully, the upcoming challenges this year won’t dramatically alter our smooth sailing days.

Between 1) welcoming you into our family, along with 2) my New Year’s resolution of attempting to do what it takes to go full-time with my blog and YouTube channel, as well as 3) our family possibly replacing at least one of our vehicles, this year is will have its fair share of positive challenges.

I want those kinds of challenges.

Mommy and I have been cleansed by the fire; we have been forced to mature. Now we’re looking forward to keeping life on cruise control, just not staying on the same roads.



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