Dear Jack: Your 5th Birthday is So Close!

4 years, 11 months.

Dear Jack: You’re 5th Birthday is So Close!

Dear Jack,

You will turn 5 on Monday, November 16th. That’s about a week and a half from now!

For the past couple of months, you’ve been “nearly 5 months” in my head anyway. Soon, we’ll make it official.

For your whole life, you have been receiving a new book from Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library, each month. Today’s book apparently is the final one; as the program ends when you turn 5.

The book is called Look Out, Kindergarten, Here I Come! Granted, you won’t be starting Kindergarten until August 2016; around the time Mommy returns to work from being on maternity leave.

This week you also received your first birthday gift, in the mail. Tuesday afternoon as I was taking out the garbage, I noticed a box on our front step.

I assumed Mommy had ordered some maternity clothes from online. But we quickly figured out it was for you instead.

Brian Murphy's Homemade Vegan/Vegetarian Tomato Soup Recipe

Someone sent you a really nice backpack with your name embroidered on it. You love it!

We all liked it so much that Mommy and I are considering getting another one and using it for Holly or Logan’s diaper bag.

This weekend you and I have a very special event coming up. We’ve been invited to attend the Nashville Auto Show this weekend!

I have a feeling we’re going to have a lot of fun there; possibly getting to see cars so new they’re not even out yet.

I wonder if we’ll see anyone there that we know. Sounds like a perfect father-and-son activity for us to attend. We’ll have to take some pictures there to help expand my Instagram network: @nickshellwrites

And for your actual 5th birthday, we have something super duper special planned. With it being your last birthday as an only child, we decided to do more than just a birthday party this year…




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