Dear Holly or Logan: Just in Case You’re Actually a Boy…

Week 16.

Dear Holly or Logan: Just in Case You’re Actually a Boy…

Dear Holly or Logan,

I explained a few weeks ago the reasons why I’m convinced that you are a girl. That part won’t be a mystery much longer. Actually, a month from right now is when we’ll be finding out.

But I suppose I should write this letter to you today, just in the rare chance you’re actually a boy; as these next few weeks serve as the final moments for me to consider what it would be like to have another son.

This week Mommy sent me to Brilliant Sky to pick up a Christmas gift for your brother Jack. As I was walking in the toy store, I couldn’t help but notice a huge banner in the window.

It was promoting the newest character on the island of Sodor, which means he is a friend of Thomas the Train.

And of all possible names he could have, his name, is Logan.

Mommy and I decided that if you actually are a boy, it’s a given that we will buy the Logan train for you.

Last Christmas, we got your brother Jack the Jack character from Thomas the Train.

But I don’t think there’s a Holly character.

It’s actually a great challenge for me to mediate on the concept of you being a boy. One thing I can imagine is this: You will instantly adopt a massive Thomas the Train collection from your brother Jack, if you are a boy.

And an even greater Hot Wheels collection!

This is the week in which I officially can tell by looking at Mommy that he absolutely, without a doubt, pregnant.

What gives it away is her stomach. It’s obvious there is a baby inside there, and that baby is you.

Just a week ago it wasn’t noticeable, but now, it’s all right there. Mommy’s pregnancy with you looks different than how she looked with your brother Jack.

That’s because, I believe, he is a boy and you… are a girl.



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