Dear Jack: We Closed On Our New House Today (We Officially Bought It!)

4 years, 2 months.

closing on new house

Dear Jack,

Yes, there are blue lines on your forehead in this picture. That’s because while Mommy and I signed the paperwork to “close on our house” (in other words, to officially buy it, closing the sale), you were busy drawing pictures with a blue pen on a note pad, as well as on your face.

Oh well, it kept you entertained for the 45 minutes it took to close on our new house.

You and I also had to officially inspect the house to make sure all the proper changes were made, based on our final inspection last week.

Dear Jack: We Closed On Our New House (We Officially Bought It!)

No problems there.

You and Pandy made sure everything was legit. For some reason, it was important for you to take with you some straw from our yard; I suppose as a souvenir.

After our closing, we walked over to Burger Republic to celebrate the official sale of our new home.

We made a “cheers” to our new life in our new home in Spring Hill. Here’s to life in the suburbs!

Dear Jack: We Closed On Our New House (We Officially Bought It!)

In many ways, it’s a sense of closure. Of course, by no means does this bring an end to the story of “Our New House.” As the cliche goes… this is only the beginning!

We still have to move in and get settled.

Actually, tonight while you were asleep, since we are still living with friends who were here in case you needed something, even though you didn’t… Mommy and I both drove separately with both our cars fully loaded; to get a head start on the official move taking place this weekend.


Tomorrow will be your last day at your current preschool, as Mommy and I will be getting the new house set up, making some Lowe’s trips, and waiting around for the Internet to get set up; as well as for the delivery of the refrigerator.

Today, I have been thinking a lot aboutt his: Our first payment will begin in March; the month before I turn 34… Mommy turns 34 a few months later.

My realistic goal is for us to have this house paid off by the time Mommy and I both turn 50.

We’ll do what it takes to reach that goal, yet still have fun as a family.

And so it begins… here’s to life in the suburbs!





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