Dear Jack: Listening to Radio Hanukkah (SiriusXM Channel 68)

4 years, 1 month.

Dear Jack: Listening to (Hanukkah Station)

Dear Jack,

Right before backing out of the parking space of your school for our journey home a few night ago, I decided to find a station on SiriusXM that we both might enjoy, while our family is reviewing the all new 2015 Hyundai Sonata this week.

I looked up and saw what was arguably one of the most random stations I’ve ever seen on Sirius XM: Radio Hanukkah, channel 68.

To see three different Christian music stations on SiriusXM is no surprise, but I’ve never seen a “Jewish music station” before; even if it is just a temporary, seasonal station.

The first song that was playing when I turned to that station was “The 613 Commandments” by Debbie Friedman. It sounded like the kind of song you would learn in Sunday School at our church.

After only two seconds of hearing the song, you blurted out, “Daddy, I like that song.”

So I kept it on Radio Hanukkah, channel 68.

Another song, “Bagel” by David Weinstone Music for Kids, was about a man pretending to be a bagel; though at first you thought the singer was saying “baby” instead of “bagel.”

You liked that song so much that you asked me to play it again after it ended. I had to explain to you that unlike a CD, I couldn’t instantly replay the song.

Unsurprisingly, we listened to that station the whole way home.

Since college, when I wrote my final paper of college on Jewish history, I have been fascination by Jewish culture.

Two thirds of the Christian Bible is the Old Testament; or as I call it, the Jewish Bible.

Technically, the majority of what we believe overlaps into what Jewish people believe.

So the way I feel is that by us being exposed to some Jewish songs, we’re catching up on some lost culture of our own religion.

If nothing else, we had fun hearing a song about bagels!

Dear Jack: Listening to (Hanukkah Station)

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Dear Jack: Listening to Radio Hanukkah (SiriusXM Channel 68)

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