Dear Jack: Bribing Me By Calling Me “Cool Daddy”

3 years, 11 months.

Dear Jack: Bribing Me By Calling Me “Cool Daddy”

Dear Jack,

This morning as Mommy buckled you into your car seat, I was sitting up front in the 2015 Buick LaCrosse we’ve been driving this week.

After she already had you buckled, you then decided you wanted to take off your pullover, even though it was chilly outside.

I saw it as a way you were just trying to stall Mommy leaving. She had to leave that very minute in order to get to work on time.

So Mommy had to leave on that note, walking to her car to drive to the other side of Nashville.

You were somewhat upset, raising your voice at me because you wanted your pullover off and because Mommy had to leave because of your attempted stall.

To take control of the situation, I warned you as I backed away from our house that I would have to take away your stuffed animal you were holding if you couldn’t focus on something else.

You didn’t… so I did.

Obviously that made you more upset, but it worked- it got your attention. You stopped focusing on the pullover and instead were completely focused on getting your stuffed animal back.

“Jack, say something nice and I’ll give you your animal back,” I explained, in my attempt to redirect the focus to a more positive one.


Ten seconds later, you proclaimed, “Daddy, I said it!”

I responded by telling you I didn’t hear you say anything.

Then you barely mumbled something under your breath.

“Jack, you have to say it loud enough where I can hear it. Just say something positive or nice and you’ll get your animal back,” I insisted.

This time you said it loud and clear:

“Cool Daddy,” you replied.

I begin instantly laughing out loud, so you did as well.

“Jack, did you just call me a ‘cool Daddy’ to be nice so you would get your animal back?”

You shook your head yes as you laughed.

So it’s official: I am a cool Daddy and you got your stuffed animal back.




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