New Infographic: College Tailgating Traditions in the U.S.

I admit, I’m not a huge sports fan. However, I quickly and proudly identify myself as a Bama fan. If you’ve followed my blog throughout the years, you’ve probably noticed the subtle product placement of “Roll Tide” apparel on my son; as well as his now much faded Bama sippy cup.

Not to mention, there’s my wife’s keychain as well as my front license plate are both Unversity of Alabama.

If you were born in the state of Alabama, like I was, it was pre-determined by your family before you were born whether you were by default either a Bama or an Auburn fan.

I was born into the Crimson Tide. Of course, it’s so easy to be a Bama fan because of their winning record… so that’s convenient.

In addition to being a Bama fan, I’m also a fan of infographics… and I feel like it’s been a while since I shared a new one.

With all the negative stuff we’ve been seeing in the news here lately, maybe it’s time to just distract ourselves for a minute with some quirky, sports-related info…

With not further ado, today I share with you a new infographic about college tailgating traditions in America; none of which I previously knew about.

Enjoy, sports fans!

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