New Infographic: How You Can Prevent Hot Car Deaths

As I’ve mentioned several times already, there are certain things that went unquestioned back in the Eighties when I was a kid, but these days, they are now taboo.

Like letting a kid ride in the back of a pick-up truck or on a riding lawn mower with an adult.

Today’s topic: Leaving your child for any (!) amount of time unattended.

This past weekend, my wife and I watched ABC’s 20/20 segment, “Is It Ever OK To Leave Your Child In The Car?”  featuring the topic, “Parents Become Subject To Hot Car Witch Hunt.”

What actually worried me more than the possibility of forgetting about my son in the car and exposing him to the heat is getting arrested and losing custody of him; even if just run to the store in for a minute, with the temperature safe.

After watching that episode, I officially decided I will never leave my son in a vehicle for any amount of time, no matter how close I am to the car, because for some reasons legitimate, others exaggerated, there is currently a witch hunt to find parents who might potentially leave their children in hot vehicles.

Here’s a new infographic from Instant Checkmate showing the legitimate side of the story. It shares some interesting findings, like how the older the child, the less likely the child will be forgotten by the parent in the car.

See below, courtesy of Instant Checkmate:

hot-car-deaths- inforgraphic

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