Do Little Boys Want To Eat Spiders, Shovels, & Cookies?

March 2, 2014 at 10:58 pm , by 

3 years, 3 months.

Dear Jack,

Last Saturday morning while we were grocery shopping at Whole Foods, we were informed that a cookie decorating class was about to start and that we were invited.

What it basically meant is that I used the plant-based icing (not from petroleum or crushed bugs) to draw pictures on your cookie, while Mommy did the shopping on the other end of the store.

When I asked you how you wanted me to decorate your cookie, you responded, “A spider!”

So I drew a spider in the center of the cookie.

But there were clearly other cool colors of icing on the table, which you saw as an opportunity for me to draw other random objects- apparently the first ones that came to mind.

Therefore, I also drew you a shovel underneath the spider… as well as a picture of a cookie, on the cookie itself.


Even now, I catch myself trying to read into your artwork: What do a shovel, a spider, and a cookie all have in common?

The only answer I can come up with is that they are all things that you believed should be on a cookie.

I mean, seriously, what 3 year-old little boy wouldn’t want to eat a food in the likeness of  spiders, shovels, and cookies.

Turns out, a few days later, at school you chose to make an art collage with spiders. Why? We’re nowhere near Halloween?

In fact, I think I need to Tweet out this idea to Annie’s Homegrown…

Thanks to you, they may have just stumbled upon the next great marketing idea: Little boys want to eat food that is decorated or shaped like spiders, shovels, and cookies.

What if Annie’s Homegrown made a special edition mac-and-cheese where the noodles were shaped like those three things?

It could be the 3 Year-Old Little Boy edition. All the other boys your age would be so grateful for your clever and relevant idea of eating pasta shaped like spiders, shovels, and cookies.

Keep these creative marketing ideas coming… you never know what might happen.

Spiders, shovels, and cookies.

dig it.






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