Did Bob Costas Give My Son Pink Eye?

March 3, 2014 at 11:29 am , by 

3 years, 3 months.

Dear Jack,

As I’ve recently mentioned to some of my guy friends about you having pink eye, the immediate response I’ve received from them is, “Where’d he get pink eye from?Bob Costas?

The reference here is that Bob Costas, who served as an NBC Olympics sportscaster just recently, was infected with pink eye in both eyes.

Just like you.

I don’t mean to downplay the fact you’ve been out of school since Friday with pink eye. This is actually really sad for me to watch.

On Friday, I had to stop myself from texting you to tell you I miss you- because I realized you’re only 3 years old and don’t have a cell phone.

Even today, as our whole family is snowed in, you’re still recovering from pink eye.

It’s so tough to see your blue eyes muddled over with a reddish-yellowish hue. Granted, you look worse than you feel.

I know this because I’ve been wrestling with you just as hard as I always do this whole time.

Pink eye is something I know nothing about- I never had it when I was a kid, nor did your Auntie Dana (my sister.)

Everything I know about pink eye, I’ve learned from you since Friday.

Mommy has been giving you your eye drops, and we’re all washing our hands constantly.

I sort of have to assume that by the time this is all over with, it ends with me having pink eye in both eyes too.

But hey, what can I really do?

We are just carrying on life as normal. Mommy made vegan French toast. Meanwhile, I let you make “applesauce” from the leftover fruit pulp after I juiced some oranges and apples.

Today, it’s pink eye. Eventually you’ll get chickenpox.

Sure, being a kid is fun, but I do tend to figure out the not-so-much-fun parts too; like pink eye in both eyes.





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