The Ethnicity of the Cast of The Wonder Years (Plus, Who Did the Voice of Kevin Arnold as an Adult?)

The classic All-American drama/comedy was played mainly by minorities: Italians and Jews.

Fred Savage (Jewish) as “Kevin Arnold”

Dan Lauria (Italian) as “Jack Arnold”

Alley Mills (English) as “Norma Arnold”

Jason Hervey (Jewish) as “Wayne Arnold”

Olivia d’Abo (Italian but raised in England) as “Karen Arnold”

David Schwimmer (Jewish) as “Michael”, Karen’s boyfriend/husband

Josh Saviano (half Jewish, half Italian) as “Paul Pfeiffer”

Danica McKellar (half Portugese; Scottish-Irish-French-German-Dutch) as Winnie Cooper

Ben Stein (Jewish) as Mr. Cantwell

To learn the mysterious setting of The Wonder Years, read The Wonder States- Using Deductive Reasoning to Determine the Setting of The Wonder Years, My Name is Earl, and The Simpsons.

And lastly, who did the voice of Kevin Arnold as an adult?

Daniel Stern (Jewish)

He’s probably most familiar from Home Alone (1990) and its sequel two years later, as Marv, the more idiotic burglar.

One of his first major acting roles in a movie was Diner (1982).  After the first Home Alone, Stern did City Slickers (1991) and its sequel a year later.  Mostly recently he starred in the TV show Monk and the Drew Barrymore movie Whip It! both in 2009.

Lastly, if you’re hoping for The Wonder Years to be released on DVD set anytime soon, keep hoping.  Remember all the awesome music from the show?  Red tape, legal issues, and a very high price tag associated with the soundtrack may indefinitely keep us from ever buying the show on DVD.  Sadly, The Wonder Years may simply remain a part of our own “wonder years”.

10 thoughts on “The Ethnicity of the Cast of The Wonder Years (Plus, Who Did the Voice of Kevin Arnold as an Adult?)

    • Awesome, that’s what I thought! Oddly enough, I saw him in the parking lot of PF Chang’s in Nashville two weeks ago, wearing a suit, and thought, “Seriously, how could he not be Jewish?”


  1. You can buy the complete series of “The Wonder Years” on burnt dvds on Just got mine in the mail yesterday and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. It has all the original music from the t.v. broadcasts, unlike Netflix. Since it doesn’t look like this wonderful show is gonna be released on dvd officially anytime soon, this is one of the only ways of owning it.


  2. Olivia D’Abo is not Italian. Her surname comes from her father’s distant Dutch ancestry. But she’s mostly English.

    Also, I can find no evidence that Jason Hervey is Jewish. “Hervey” is an English surname.

    Finally, Italians and Jews are not “minorities” – they’re Caucasians.


  3. SO MANY mistakes here. really sad that you did not make research

    JASON HERVEY is not jewish. he is of irish, english and german descent

    OLIVIA D ABO is a typical wasp. She comes from a famous D ABO family which has not one drop of italian blood. D ABO sounds french or italian but its actually dutch

    Josh saviano looks very jewish and he is of course half jewish. i know i first googled him in 2004 and was disappointed that he is just italian


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