Dear Jack: Webisode 2 of Jack-Man- “Shaving Bath-Man”

4 years, 5 months.

Jack-Man Webisode 2

Dear Jack,

Word is getting out about our new web series, Jack-Man. So we filmed the 2nd episode, “Shaving Bath-Man.” I released it on YouTube yesterday morning. Here it is:

In this webisode, a new villain is introduced: Bath-Man. He shows up to revenge the humiliation of Green Meanie, who Jack-Man defeated in Webisode 1.

Bath-Man is a very strong man, but has an unfortunate weakness. It just so happens that Jack-Man’s new weapon, the Philips Norelco Shaver 9700, is the perfect counter to Bath-Man’s strength.

“Shaving Bath-Man” also introduces a new jingle I wrote specifically for the Philips Norelco Shaver 9700, which is featured throughout the shaving scenes.

Unlike the 1st webisode which is mostly scripted, this new 2nd webisode was completely thrown together. You asked me last Sunday if we could do another Jack-Man video, so we did; pretty much right then.

I didn’t want to feature Green Meanie again in the following episode; in an effort to keep the story fresh. However, I didn’t have a good costume idea ready for a different villain.

So I thought, “What do I have in my closest that is the slightest bit unusual?” I remembered my gray bath robe.

From there, Bath-Man was created and I quickly whipped up a plot line, accordingly.

The overall storyline of Jack-Man will involve Green Meanie attempting to quench Jack-Man’s strength with sugary drinks and snacks, since Jack-Man serves as a threat to Green Meanie being as profitable if everyone knew how unhealthy sugary (and diet drinks) really are.

That of course leads to Green Meanie sending his henchmen to help defeat Jack-Man, as we see with Bath-Man, who is not necessarily emotionally involved with Green Meanie’s personal agenda of profitable off of people buying his drinks.

We make Jack-Man videos because you love doing them. You continualy ask me when we can do our next one.

Well, if all goes as planned, we will film Webisode 3 this weekend. You have made a special request to “do one where we just fight a lot.”

I can make that wish come true…


Also, your teacher sent me some pictures of you from school this week:

Hi Nick!

Jack was very busy in our writing center last week!

He’s been very aware of letter sounds and sounding out words!

He’s spelled everything from; cat, dog, mark, and more.

The one that made me laugh the hardest, was this funny conversation we had.

“Ms. Aimee, how do you spell booze?”


“No, booze!”

“…….what’s booze?”
“I just want to spell it.”

“Ok, well, let’s sound it out….”



“Ok thanks, two o’s make the oo sound right?”

“that’s right”



“B…. oo….z…. ok thanks!”

Oh I about died laughing.

He is also fascinated with the light bright! It’s such a fun way to increase fine motor skills. He kept making the cutest crabs.

Aimee Cornelius

Lead Rockstar Preschool Teacher

Rainbow Child Care Center

Spring Hill, Tennessee

Oh, this just in… looks like we might be filming a new Jack-Man episode sooner than we thought. Our neighbors saw our first 2 Jack-Man episodes and want to join in on the fun!





Dear Jack: Webisode 1 of Jack-Man- “Here, Kitty Kitty”

4 years, 5 months. 

EP1 Title Card

Dear Jack,

This past weekend, you and I shot our very 1st official episode of our new web series, Jack-Man. You were great! Here it is:

As the writer/producer/director/video editor/theme writer & performer, I can confirm that you (as the main lead) did very well following my instructions, scene to scene. I am very pleased with how “Here, Kitty Kitty” turned out.

I re-recorded the Jack-Man theme song, changing some of the lyrics, from the Toyota Sienna version I did for our homemade commercial.

Here are the new, official lyrics:

“Jack-Man, who will fight for justice?

Jack can, he really likes bananas

That man gets his superpowers from them

Jack-Man, knows just where to hit ‘em

When it comes to creepy villains

He packs a punch and eats a healthy lunch


This is the 1st of many, many webisodes I hope to record with you. I plan to create a large collection of “creepy villains” (mainly played by me) for you to encounter.

In this 1st episode, the main underlying plotline of the show is revealed: Green Meanie attempts to get children hooked on soda, which in the words of Green Meanie, “is filled with sugar, caffeine, and weird chemicals.”

Soda is Jack-Man’s kryptonite, where has bananas and water are what gives him his super powers; those of which will slowly be unveiled as future episodes are released.

I’m not exactly sure who the demographic of the show is going to be. My assumption is that Jack-Man is designed for young children. Hopefully kids will like it; and hopefully, parents will deem it safe enough for their children to watch.

Obviously, being part of the super hero genre, there will be swashbuckling action… but if I do it right, our show should still be age appropriate for kids who would want to watch it.

We’ve already filmed the 2nd episode as well, which I plan to release in the next few days.

This is fun!



Dear Jack: I Could and Would Die for You

4 years, 5 months.

Dear Jack: I Could and Would Give My Life for You

Dear Jack,

Without any hesitation, I could and would give my life for you.

However, I believe there is nothing heroic or surprising about that statement whatsoever.

Instead, it’s simply common knowledge, I would assume; that a father would simply in a moment either risk his life or give his life if he saw his child in serious danger. Cue a relevant song:

The reason I recently gave this thought is because recently when we took our mini vacation to Pensacola, we walked out to the end of the long fishing pier at Casino Beach. Mommy and I took turns holding you up to the guard rail to let you see over into the water.

(We were all surprised to the see the man next to us catch a small shark; which he ultimately was required to throw back into the ocean.)

As we left the pier and walked back to the beach, you asked me this:

“Daddy, what would happen if another child’s daddy or mommy was holding them and they pretended like they were going to throw their child into the water, but then they really did, but they didn’t mean to?”

I was amazed at such a deep, hypothetical question from a 4 and a half year-old little boy.

My answer was this:

“They would do whatever it takes to get their child back. If it were you that fell in, I would immediately jump in after you.”

Granted, I’m not sure I would survive the hit of impact of the water (that pier is pretty high off of the water), or that the water would absolutely be deep enough to save my fall.

Either way, I would follow you, even to death. Cue another relevant song:

This reminds me of a scene on one of my favorite shows, Lost; during the final season one of the main characters gets trapped in a submarine, after a bomb explodes, causing water to rush in.

Spoiler alert! Even though Lost ended almost exactly 5 years ago:

Her legs are pinned down from the explosion, leaving her upper half out of the water, as her husband desperately tried to bend the steel bars in order to free her.

After several attempts, he realizes it’s impossible. Though he himself was free and could escape instead of drowning, he chooses to stay with his wife; dying with her in the flood.

It was one of the most touching moment in Lost for me.

But ultimately, it wasn’t heroic. You undoubtedly would die for the people you love the most; without hesitation.

So yes, it’s a dark thought to think about you falling in the water or that we would not spend many more decades together here on Earth.

I just want you to know- I can’t imagine living the rest of my life with you or Mommy. If I felt I was about to lose either of you, I would instantly throw my life in front whatever it was to try to prevent anything bad from happening to you two.

Not because I’m some great guy, but simply because you and Mommy are my life. What would life be without you?



Pensacola Road Tripping In A 2015 Toyota Sienna

Pensacola Road Tripping In A 2015 Toyota Sienna

If you’re a regular reader of Family Friendly Daddy Blog, you’ve probably noticed in the past several posts there has been a presence of a 2015 Toyota Sienna.

Pensacola Road Tripping In A 2015 Toyota Sienna

That’s because for my family’s recent mini road trip from Spring Hill, TN (the Nashville area) to Pensacola, FL we had the privilege of being able to test drive it. In essence, we modeled it; showing what it would look like for a family of 3 to take a 7 hour road trip (one way) in the Sienna. (We were in the vehicle for nearly 20 hours total, including the trip back, and driving once we got there.)

Pensacola Road Tripping In A 2015 Toyota Sienna

Here’s my newest video I made for the occasion, equipped with our own theme song I wrote and performed:

So today, I want to share my thoughts on taking a road trip in a 2015 Toyota Sienna.

Pensacola Road Tripping In A 2015 Toyota Sienna

My wife and I both agreed that the thing we appreciated most about the vehicle is how “road trip friendly” it is. For example, the 2 captain’s chairs directly behind the driver and front passenger’s seat are literally recliners.

Pensacola Road Tripping In A 2015 Toyota Sienna

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That makes watching the large DVD/Blu-ray screen (equipped with headphones) that much more enjoyable for the passengers. It creates such a comfortable and entertaining environment for everyone; including the driver, who can keep the sound to the movie in the back of the vehicle.

Pensacola Road Tripping In A 2015 Toyota Sienna

Pensacola Road Tripping In A 2015 Toyota Sienna

In addition to the Sienna having a great capacity to be both comfortable and entertaining, we also noticed how spacious it is.

Pensacola Road Tripping In A 2015 Toyota Sienna

The paradox is that while it truly seems to be a large vehicle, it doesn’t drive that way. I had zero issues with visibility. The turning radius on the Sienna alone was amazing! I ended up having to do my share of U-turns while driving in an unfamiliar city, so I would know…

Dear Jack: 2015 Toyota Sienna Walk-Around

Pensacola Road Tripping In A 2015 Toyota Sienna

We also definitely appreciated the power sliding doors and back door. I was able to open them remotely for my wife and son before we even got the vehicle.

Pensacola Road Tripping In A 2015 Toyota Sienna

Pensacola Road Tripping In A 2015 Toyota Sienna

I will close by giving you another opportunity to check out my other blog posts involving the 2015 Toyota Sienna. It would be an understatement that we had a great family road trip, as you will read about when you click these links above each picture- and please don’t forget you can also watch the original video I made for these underneath each link:

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Dear Jack: The RV That Exploded In Casino Beach Parking Lot/Highway 98 Bay Bridge Crash

Vegan Friendly Review of Pensacola, FL

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esame Street: Elmo The Musical Vol. 2 Learn and Imagine- Family Friendly Review

Dear Jack: The Treasure Chest You Found Buried in Pensacola

4 years, 5 months.

Dear Jack: The Treasure Chest You Found Buried in Pensacola

Dear Jack,

Leading up to our recent mini road trip to Pensacola, you announced to me, “Daddy, when we go to the beach, we need to dig in the sand because maybe there is a buried treasure chest… and dinosaur bones too!”

So thanks to a quick trip to Dollar Tree and Party Central, I was able to obtain the treasure chest (a lunch box), plastic coins and jewelry, and some dinosaur bone puzzles; all for less than 10 bucks.

Mommy packed them up in our beach bag, and from there I loaded them up on the back of the 2015 Toyota Sienna we drove for the trip.

When we arrived at Casino Beach during one of our trips there, you and Mommy immediately began playing in the sand. I snuck over, just about 50 feet away from you, and dug 2 holes: one for the treasure chest and one for the dinosaur bones.

Right as I finished, you ran over to me in excitement. I explained to you that I thought I had just found a good place where someone might have buried some treasure.

Of course, from there, the magic began…

Here’s my video I made, capturing the whole event:

You were mesmerized by your finding for the rest of the weekend; proudly wearing your jewelry in the van and during lunch at the restaurant.

I could actually see this becoming a new tradition for us each time we go to the beach. I’m even imagining you getting old enough to figure out that it’s really just me hiding the treasures but where I would simply hide gifts that you want anyway.

And it’s all because in your own 4 and a half year-old creativity, your faith led you to believe that there truly would be hidden treasure there at the beach with Mommy and me.

Yes, the hidden treasure is definitely there if you’re looking for it.



Dear Jack: The RV That Exploded In Casino Beach Parking Lot/Highway 98 Bay Bridge Crash

4 years, 5 months.

Dear Jack: The RV That Exploded In The Pensacola Parking Lot

Dear Jack,

We definitely had a lot of fun during our Pensacola trip, but there was also a string of weird, potentially dangerous events in our near proximity.

Here’s my video I made for this story today:

For example, when we first arrived at in Pensacola, at Casino Beach, after our 7 hour road trip, you and Mommy ran for the water. As I was several steps behind as I was carrying our belongings, I heard an explosion behind me; from beyond where we had parked the Sienna.

I turned around to see a black pillar of smoke rising in the distance behind me; but not the far distance.

My initial concern was to make sure it wasn’t some kind of terrorist attack. So I did what any dad would do: I begin running as fast as I could towards the smoke.

If I needed to help us escape from the chaos in the Sienna as our getaway vehicle, I needed to be able to do so as soon as possible.

As I ran closer, I began hearing from other people who were running alongside me that an RV had exploded.

Dear Jack: The RV That Exploded In The Pensacola Parking Lot

Another explosion occurred, inviting more sirens and smoke.

I decided from there that there was no need to evacuate the beach, as I began to be able to see the flaming RV.

After an hour or so of hanging out at the beach back with you and Mommy, we decided to drive by the scene on our way back to the hotel.

The firemen were packing up and the policeman continued to keep a presence as curious onlookers like us visited the aftermath.

As you can see from my pictures, there were only charred remains of the RV. Even the car parked next to it took a major hit.

And that wasn’t our only brush with danger during the trip…

Dear Jack: The RV That Exploded In The Pensacola Parking Lot

Later the next day as we were in the middle of the Highway 98 Bay Bridge in Pensacola, over the water, a 3 car pile-up occurred just a quarter of a mile ahead of us. We were stuck there in the middle of the bridge for an hour before the crashed cars were towed and we were able to move.

And on our final day, we had arrived back at our hotel to see dozens of people standing outside in the parking lot; along with a fire truck and policemen.

Dear Jack: The RV That Exploded In The Pensacola Parking Lot

There was apparently some sort of gas leak scare that had occurred in the kitchen. The hotel had to evacuate everyone.

We had arrived about 45 minutes after the evacuation. We watched and waited from the Sienna. About 20 minutes later, they allowed us back in.

I can’t help but point out that we made sure to continually pray for God to keep us safe in our travels; from the moment we left our driveway.

And I believe our prayers were answered. Not to mention, to my knowledge, no people were seriously hurt during any of these events. So God wasn’t just answering our prayers, but others’ too.



Vegan Friendly Review of Pensacola, FL

Vegan Friendly Review of Pensacola, FL

(End of the Line Cafe, featured above.)

When I travel, I like to feature the “vegan friendliness” of the city I am spending time in. I like being able to share with other like-minded people where they can go to eat, showing them they do indeed have healthy options. Here’s my video I made for this occasion…

And I’ve done this before in other cities… Vegan Friendly Review of Asheville, North Carolina; Vegan Friendly Review Of Atlanta, GeorgiaVegan Friendly Review Of Squaw Valley, Lake TahoeVegan Friendly Review Of Ponte Vedra Inn And Club At Pompano Beach, FL

Now it’s time for me to feature Pensacola, where my family took a mini vacation recently while driving a 2015 Toyota Sienna.

I can assure you that if you are wondering whether you can make a plant-based diet work in Pensacola, you’ve got nothing to worry about… whatsoever.

Vegan Friendly Review of Pensacola, FL

If you’re going to be there for a few days like we were, I definitely recommend stopping first at Everman Cooperative Grocery and Café. It’s a lot like Whole Foods, just a little smaller.

You can stock up on all your essentials there. For us, that was things like Larabars, coconut water, and Kombucha.

But while you’re there, you’ll realize what a great place it is to actually eat a meal at. Their café provided so many options for our family’s diverse tastes. We ended up having at least 3 or 4 meals there. My wife particularly loved their smoothie bar.

So whereas Everman Cooperative Grocery and Café makes for the perfect base if you’re unable to cook your own meals, there are 3 other obvious options in Pensacola…

Vegan Friendly Review of Pensacola, FL

The first is Mellow Mushroom. Obviously, this pizza joint is known for catering to the plants-based crowd. My wife and I never have to worry; we can easily order a vegan cheese pizza with veggies. (We actually dined at the one in Destin, but there is one in Pensacola as well.)

Vegan Friendly Review of Pensacola, FL

As far as the other two options, they are both artsy. At Sluggo’s, we enjoyed meatless, dairy free, “meaty” sandwiches.

Vegan Friendly Review of Pensacola, FL

Vegan Friendly Review of Pensacola, FL

And at End of the Line Café, we enjoyed some meatless, dairy free, “meaty” burritos.

Vegan Friendly Review of Pensacola, FL

There’s no question that all of these places served delicious and fun food. After all, they are very focused on healthy eating, therefore the quality is there by default.

Vegan Friendly Review of Pensacola, FL

Actually, there was one more that I almost forgot about. Jaco’s, in downtown Pensacola, right there on the pier. They are absolutely not a vegan or vegetarian restaurant by any stretch; however, they were very accommodating to our dietary restrictions; my son is a vegetarian, not a vegan. My wife said it was her favorite and that we definitely have to go back there next time we’re in the area.

Vegan Friendly Review of Pensacola, FL

So there you have it: Yes, you can totally enjoy a vegan and/or vegetarian experience in Pensacola, Florida. Thanks for reading!

Vegan Friendly Review of Pensacola, FL