Dairy And Egg Free Testimonials: Introduction Featuring Ben Wilder

Project: To publically prove that consuming dairy/eggs is the actual symptom that causes sinus pressure, sinusitis, allergies, acid reflux, acne, asthma, and other health issues. I will do this by collecting testimonials of real life people with faces and names who were willing to cut out dairy/eggs 100% from their diet.


Hi, I’m Nick Shell. (Pictured right for the sole purpose of proving I’m a real person, which I believe is important for this project.)

If you’ve read any of my dozens of posts about what led me to ultimately become a vegan a year and a half ago, you know that from 1992 to April 2014, I suffered from constant sinus pressure, sinusitis at least 3 times per year, and I was allergic to cats and dogs.

After just 48 hours of going dairy and egg free, all those problems went away and haven’t since returned.

Is that a coincidence? If it is, it would take a lot of faith to believe that eliminating dairy and eggs from my diet did not have such a quick, yet ever-lasting effect like that.

Before I gave up dairy and eggs, I was always skeptical when I heard someone say that those things cause more mucus production, because when you research online, it seems most “experts” have already explored and tested this theory.

But here’s where they’re wrong.

I can’t help but notice that it seems every single one of those scientific reports simply measures a reduction in dairy/eggs intake.

What I am saying is different: You have to eliminate dairy and eggs 100%, no exceptions.

Here’s my theory on why “going dairy/egg free” is so effective for those who try it:

Dairy and eggs contain mucus from a different species. Think about this- what are the functions of mucus in the human body?

One is to flush out foreign infection and/or waste. When you’re sick, you produce mucus to help flush out to flush out the sickness and make you healthy again.

So what happens when you daily consume the mucus of another species? Overkill, to say the least.

Your body has to flush the excess mucus out, treating it as the foreign substance that it is.

Forgive my coarse language here, but that’s why for the past year and a half, my body hasn’t produced colored mucus of any kind.

Is it a coincidence that my mucus is very minimal and is clear; never white; or yellow (which I understand indicates infection)?

Therefore, I no longer get sinus infections and/or sinusitis; whereas I previously continually had them for about 22 years. And I’m not the only one.

Check out this testimonial from my friend Ben Wilder, which I originally published back in June. He was my 1st official recruit so he will serve as the 1st entry for my new Dairy & Egg Free Testimonials series; other than myself, obviously.

Hi everyone, my name is Ben Wilder (pictured below). If you told me a year ago I wouldn’t be drinking dairy milk and eating cheese, I would’ve said you’re the next big comedian. But it’s true. Going on 3 months now, I’ve eliminated dairy from my diet and my allergies are gone… so far. I was taking a Zyrtec pill every day. Not a few times a week or here and there… it was every single day. I can’t speak to the long term benefits of this change… yet. But you can sure as heck bet that I’m a firm believer already.

Ben Wilder Nashville vegan

Please feel free to share your testimonial as well! Leave a comment sharing your “100% dairy/egg free testimonial.” I may even be interested in featuring you in an upcoming “Dairy & Egg Free Testimonials”. I am looking for people who are as passionate as I am about showing the link between eggs/dairy and mucus/sinus/allergies.

My email is nickshell1983@hotmail.com.

I want to make it public knowledge that “cheese makes you sneeze.” In other words, consuming dairy and eggs is the reason why people have mucus that is any other color than clear.

My goal is to create a legitimate online community where people can share and learn about how going “dairy and egg free” can be very beneficial. Let’s just see what happens…

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23 Blast: Family Friendly Movie Review By Nick Shell

Well, it worked…

My plan was that if I started doing movie reviews from a “family friendly perspective” as I’ve been doing with my car reviews for the past 3 years, that eventually, I would start getting asked to review movies in pre-screening shows.

(See my reviews of Guardians Of The Galaxy, X-Men: Days Of Future Past, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Disney’s Planes: Fire & Rescue, The Lorax, and The Lego Movie.)

23 Blast: Family Friendly Movie Review By Nick Shell

I am proud to announce that this week, I was sought out and asked to attend the official prescreening of 23 Blast, premiering nationwide on October 24th.

So with great pleasure, I would like to share my experience of seeing 23 Blast, which is based on a true story.

In the prescreening I was asked to give a one sentence review to possibly be used in social media. Here’s what I said:

“Better than The Blind Side!” –Nick Shell of Family Friendly Daddy Blog

I know I’m of the minority to say this, but I actually wasn’t a fan of The Blind Side- that movie was way too predictive just from the premise; and especially from the preview.

But with 23 Blast, after watching the trailer online like you’re about to do, I was so curious as to what exactly the movie would be about.

Obviously, I knew the general plot was that a high school football player in Kentucky got a random infection which led to basically instant blindness. And I knew that somehow, he stayed on the football team.

My favorite part of 23 Blast was actually the boy’s coach, played by Stephen Lang of Avatar, who not only had the faith to believe in him, but also the chutzpah to cut through red tape when it came to the boy’s own school’s opposition to him playing football blind.

Now moving on the official “family friendly” part of my review, to help guide parents regarding the movie’s content…

23 Blast is rated PG-13 for “some teen drinking.”

Blood/violence: In one of the football games, a player’s leg is broken, but nothing graphic is shown; nor is there any blood or anything graphic when the main character loses his sight.

Drugs/alcohol: A party is depicted in which several teens are show drinking from red Solo cups, which is the implied way of conveying the message that at least some of them were consuming alcohol as opposed to soda. One student is shown drinking from a keg stand and is later shown drinking beers in the back of a pick-up truck in the school parking lot.

Careless behavior: As seen in the preview, the blind protagonist drives his friend’s pick-up truck (with his friend’s assistance) through the school parking lot.

Sex/nudity: None, other than shirtless football players.

Profanity/language: 4 uses of “damn” and 2 uses of “hell” in non-religious contexts.

There are also a few forgettable phrases that are what I call “1950’s cuss words” like “crap,” “son of a gun,” “what the heck,” and “son of a…” (phrase is left unfinished but implied).

23 Blast: Family Friendly Movie Review By Nick Shell

Please know that I know a good movie when I see one. I can confidently tell you that 23 Blast is definitely worth seeing. Very well written, produced, and acted. Therefore, perfectly entertaining.

In other words, if you decided you wanted to go to the movies and didn’t know what to watch, this would be the one to see, because it’s a guaranteed non-disappointment; according to me.

I enjoyed it all the way through. Like I said, 23 Blast was completely non-predictable. A lot of the reason for that is that it wasn’t simply about a blind football player; for me, the most interesting part was watching the complex chess game between the advocates and adversaries of him continuing to play football.

Thanks for reading my family friendly review of 23 Blast. Feel free to ask me questions in the comments section below and expect a response from me.

23 Blast: Family Friendly Movie Review By Nick Shell

Bonus: Stephen Lang, who plays Coach Farris, is of Hungarian-Jewish descent on his father’s side; according to IMBD.com.

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Dear Jack: 1st Day Of Fall/Mountain Biking Selfie Explanation

3 years, 10 months.

mountain biking selfie

Dear Jack,

You almost got to see your 1st tow truck in action yesterday morning. As I was driving you to school, the radio cut off, I lost power steering, and the fuel gauge dropped to empty.

I warned you that we may have to stop driving.

By a miracle of God, I was able to make it to the parking lot of KinderCare and drop you off. But from there, my 2004 Honda Element wouldn’t start.

So I called a tow truck and ran back inside to get you so you could watch my car get towed.

Fortunately, my car started back again once the tow truck arrived and I was able to drive it around the block to Firestone; it needed a new alternator, for starters…

Car Trouble? Need A Tow? No Problem... I've Got A Mountain Bike!

Also fortuately, I had access to my mountain bike, which fits into the back of my Honda Element along with our jogging stroller, so I was able to bike back to work until my car was ready several hours later.

It was an adventure of a day for us! And that’s how we started the first day of fall.

Autumn is by far my favorite season and it appears it is yours as well. For the past two mornings before walking you into school, you have asked to walk over into the school’s front lawn and pick out a fallen leaf.

Monday morning, you saw two baby deer on the way to school and two more on the way back, explaining to me, “It’s getting colder now so the deers come out for food.”

Well, even though it appears to be the shortest of seasons, I’m glad that the two of us can truly appreciate the subtle yet undeniable beauty of Autumn.

To celebrate it even more, we’re planning a family friendly road trip to Asheville, North Carolina in the next couple of weeks. I have a feeling it’s going to be pretty awesome!



Annie's Halloween Snacks


Dear Jack: Playing Catch With Your Kid, Literally

3 years, 10 months.

Joe Hendricks Photography throwing son in the air

Dear Jack,

One of the classic dad things to do is to throw your kid (especially if it’s a boy) up to the air and catch them, repeatedly.

The child laughs, the dad laughs. It’s a classic American scene.

Yeah… I’ve never done that with you.

I officially realized this a few weeks back when I saw an Instragram photo (featured above) from my friend and professional photographer Joe Hendricks.

Seriously, look at that height! It’s about 5 feet up.

I think his ability to throw his 3 year-old son Austin that high into the air is amazing. Not only that Joe can physically do that, but that his son Austin obviously fully trusts his Daddy that much.

Somehow I just never got around to doing that to you; not even a few inches into the air. And at this rate, I can’t imagine being able to physically do it.

You aren’t that little anymore. In fact, everyone keeps saying you’re going to outgrow me by the time you’re 18. By now, you’re actually pretty tall and pretty heavy.

So I guess I won’t be able to check off “throwing my son up in the air and catching him repeatedly” from my list of things to do as a dad. At nearly 4 years old now, I think you’re too big to throw even a fraction of how high Joe can throw his son Austin.

But I’m sure you wish I could do what Joe is able to do to Austin!

Nashville Food Truck Festival Nick Shell

Instead, I’ve been throwing you onto your bed every night as Mommy prepares your bath. It’s sort of like WWE Wrestling for us.

You and I have another new tradition now too. Most mornings you wake up about 45 minutes too early. So I come to your bedroom as his Mommy is getting ready for work, then I ask you to “go camping” with me.

What that means is that I lay down on the floor with a blanket, next to your bed. You then jump down, with your own blanket and lay down either in between me and the wall, or on top of me.

We sort of both half-way fall asleep until Mommy enters into the room to get you dressed. That’s a near daily occurrence these days.

I’m always curious about the subtle ways that fathers and sons show physical affection. As for you and me, we now “go camping” next to your bed. Or like this morning, we just sleep together on your bed instead of beside it.

But as for my friend and professional photographer Joe Hendricks, he shares an amazing bonding ritual with his son that I’ve never attempted.

Meanwhile you have to settle for getting tossed onto your bed, AKA Wrestlemania.



P.S. Here is some of Joe Hendricks’ work:

Joe Hendricks Photography

Joe Hendricks Photography

Joe Hendricks Photography

Going To Get Tater Tots Makes My Son Feel Special/The Great Food Truck Festival Of Nashville

3 years, 10 months.

Going To Get Tater Tots Makes My Son Feel Special

Dear Jack,

Recently as part of an art activity at school, you were asked to draw a picture that answers the question, “What’s something that makes you feel special?”

I would have thought you would have said playing with Legos, or getting a Hot Wheels car at Kroger, or even simply playing at home with Mommy and me.

Going To Get Tater Tots Makes My Son Feel Special Burger Republic Nashville

Instead, you answered, “Going to get tater tots.” You drew a picture of yourself with 5 tater tots. To you, that apparently equals feeling special.

This weekend turned out to be a “stay in Nashville kind of weekend”. Coincidentally, “The Great Food Truck Festival” just happened to be taking place in the neighborhood next to ours, in the parking lot of the only place you have ever eaten tater tots: the critically acclaimed and award winning Burger Republic.

So Mommy and I decided to officially make you feel special…


In anticipation of the tater tots arriving, I helped distract you by drawing tomatoes on the Burger Republic coloring sheet for you to “run over” with your new acquired Jeep Scrambler. (I would scribble over each tomato after you rolled the car over each one that I had drawn on your race track.)

Going To Get Tater Tots Makes My Son Feel Special Burger Republic Nashville

I could tell, just being there was a big deal to you. I could clearly see you felt special once those tater tots arrived!

Of course, I can’t fail to mention that we were visiting some of our wonderful friends there. (You’ve grown up with them and their dog.) You were fairly oblivious to their presence until after you had consumed the famous tater tots and we were outside on the playground next to Burger Republic.


It made my day to get to see you and their daughter Parker get along so well. Not only did you play perfectly synchronized, but I even think the two of you look a lot a like.


You were lucky. You didn’t have to take a nap because of the fact we met up with them about the time you should have been in the middle of your nap.


Fortunately, you were able to burn off 100% of the extra boost of energy you ironically get from not taking a nap.


I’m so glad to know that the the of you with be attending the same elementary school and be in the same grade once you graduate out of pre-school. I think Parker is going to make a great friend for you!

You were even able to successfully share your Jeep Wrangler with her. Man, that’s saying a lot…

We finished off the afternoon by walking in between all the glorious food trucks there for the festival.

The Great Food Truck Festival Nashville TN

Having already eaten the food that makes you feel very special, your main concern at that point was to find out which color truck was the coolest.

As I would imagine, you chose the pink one.

When you live in a fun city like Nashville, even the “stay at home weekends” end up being pretty interesting… and special.



Going To Get Tater Tots Makes My Son Feel Special Burger Republic Nashville

FYI: Burger Republic was unaware I was writing a “family friendly review” on them at the time. I was simply a paying customer who happened to be taking a lot of pictures of my son. In other words, I did not “work for free tater tots.” I simply have always enjoyed going to Burger Republic and thought they deserve a shout-out. In case you’re wondering, they do serve vegan burgers too.

Shopping For Birthday And Christmas Presents: Done And Done

3 years, 10 months.

Shopping For Birthday And Christmas Presents: Done And Done

Dear Jack,

Your birthday (November 16th) and Christmas are just a little more than a month apart. So all year, Mommy and I have been preparing by secretly scouting out the clearance section at Target, as well as and Amazon.com for ridiculously good deals.

Over all, we only paid a fraction of the cost of what your birthday and Christmas gifts should have amounted to.

For the past several months, these mysterious brown boxes have been waiting for us on our doorstep when we get home…

This week, Mommy and I finally laid all your upcoming gifts out on the floor to evaluate the situation, officially verifying that we are now finished with buying both your birthday and Christmas gifts.

I am so excited about you opening these! I can’t wait to be able to sit down with you and play.

Let’s talk about that anteater…

As I recently mentioned, you have a peculiar fascination with anteaters; as seen in your picture of the anteater who ate a monster. (I love how the monster who was eaten by the anteater is just as happy as the anteater who ate the monster!)

Shopping For Birthday And Christmas Presents: Done And Done

You have been asking for an anteater stuffed animal for quite a while now. So Mommy special ordered one of the Internet. It looks so bizarre!

But I’m confident to believe you will love it. Mommy and I wondered if your anteater will end up in the same privileged category as Ellie the Elephant and Pandy the Panda Bear, who get to ride in the car with you and wear your underwear to school.

These Are The Days Of Stuffed Animals Wearing Underwear

We also wonder what you will name him/her. My guess is “Anty.” I guess we’ll see in about two months for your 4th birthday.

Anty very well could be wearing your underwear to school.



These Are The Days Of Stuffed Animals Wearing Underwear (And Funny Drawings Of Anteaters!)

3 years, 10 months.

Dear Jack,

These Are The Days Of Stuffed Animals Wearing Underwear

I just want to bookmark which stage of childhood you are in right now. These are the days of you dressing your stuffed animals in your own “big boy underwear.”

It would be one thing if these specially dressed animals stayed indoors where only Mommy and I knew about them.

But… nope.

Each morning you choose an underwear-wearing stuffed animal to ride in the car with you on the ride to school. Then the privileged creature gets to be placed in your cubby all day while you learn.

At the end of each school day, with much pride, you remove your animal from the cubby for the ride home.

Let me just say it again:

Your animals are wearing your own underwear. And you are the one who picks out which pair of your underwear they wear, then you put the underwear on them.

These Are The Days Of Stuffed Animals Wearing Underwear

That’s hilarious!

But part of what makes this so funny is that you don’t appear to be trying to be funny or ironic, in the least bit.

It’s as if you are treating Ellie (your much worn-out purple elephant) and Pandy (your panda bear, who like Ellie, is also a $5 Kohl’s purchase from the check-out counter) as peers who are legitimately encountering the transition to “big boy underwear” as you are.

I don’t know how many other 4 year-old boys in America are doing the same thing right now, but I know that I did the same thing was I was about your age.

These Are The Days Of Stuffed Animals Wearing Underwear

Something else you’re doing these days that I feel is definitely defining you is your funny and creative drawings you do at school each day.

I think I might need to start up a special folder to start saving them in the Facebook page for Family Friendly Daddy Blog in a photo album simply called “Jack’s Art.”

These Are The Days Of Stuffed Animals Wearing Underwear

As for now, I’ll leave you with my current personal favorite; this picture you drew of “an anteater that ate a monster.”



These Are The Days Of Stuffed Animals Wearing Underwear