5 Reasons Our Townhouse Sold In Just 3 Days

5 Reasons Our Townhouse Sold In Just 3 Days

Last week I revealed that my wife and I sold our townhouse after it was on the market for just 3 days; for more than our asking price. See Dear Jack: We Sold Our Townhouse… It’s Official! Thank The Lord!

And yes, we made a profit. Today, I would like to highlight what enabled that to happen.

I have to start off with what is, for me, the most obvious part of it: God orchestrated all the events I’m about to talk about.

5 Reasons Our Townhouse Sold In Just 3 Days

#1: We prayed for the right people to find our house. More important than focusing our prayers on our house selling for our personal benefit in our time, we focused on the future buyers being blessed by finding it. That way, they would know our home was the right one once they found it. Here’s an email excerpt from the buyer of our townhouse:

“As for selling points these are the things that really sold us: Open concept, large bedrooms, more bang for your buck with a townhouse versus detached home, safe neighborhood close to entertainment and work, reasonable HOA fees. The extra half bath was also huge; huge garden tub and double vanity in the bathroom.

We looked at 2 others. One was unimpressive and we actually put in an offer on another one that was an end unit. It was a blessing in disguise that we missed out on it because this home really is so much more perfect for us.”

5 Reasons Our Townhouse Sold In Just 3 Days

#2: We had an excellent real estate agent. I have known Dave Stanley with Reliant Reality for most of the time I have lived here in Nashville, since 2005. He is assertive and calculated. He went through the process of figuring out exactly the perfect price point for our model in our neighborhood. We actually received more than our asking price for our townhouse which set a new record for that model in our neighborhood.

5 Reasons Our Townhouse Sold In Just 3 Days

#3: We had kept our house immaculately clean. I mean this as a compliment to my wife: She is obsessed with cleaning to the same degree as Monica from Friends. We don’t smoke, we don’t have pets, and we clean everything weekly. Here is another excerpt from the buyer:

“The fact that [your home] came from what looked like a good family who kept it very clean and up to date was huge. At least 50% of our decision if not more.”

5 Reasons Our Townhouse Sold In Just 3 Days

#4: We staged our home well. It went on the market in October, so we made sure we set out a pumpkin, as well as seasonal flowers, in our staged home. As for the bigger stuff, my dad and I put in a backsplash in the kitchen (seen in the picture above, where I had my smoothie station set up). Not to mention, we painted some of the rooms to bring them to life, but not that same dark red color that most people in the neighborhood used: Another email excerpt from the buyer:

“YES! I totally forgot to mention the backsplash. This was the only house we saw that had a backsplash. That really set the house apart from the rest. I can’t believe I forgot that! It’s one of my favorite features!… We [also] really liked the paint y’all had which made the transition easy.”

5 Reasons Our Townhouse Sold In Just 3 Days

#5: We were debt-free when we put the house on the market. Like most “normal” young couples, we were tens of thousands of dollars in debt for the first several years of our marriage. Thanks to following Dave Ramsey, on our 5th wedding anniversary we official paid off our final debt (as seen when I originally posted about it on my corporately sponsored blog, The Dadabase on Parents.com). That enabled us to be better prepared financially for when we found our new home. Had we not been debt-free, the time would not have been right for us to be able to afford a bigger home when we did; taking advantage of a good deal when we saw it. Additionally, we were able to put our townhouse on the market when the market was ready; not simply just when we were ready.

Hopefully our experience in selling our home in just 3 days for more than the asking price can help you. Individual results may vary.


Dear Jack: We Sold Our Townhouse… It’s Official! Thank The Lord!

4 years, 3 months.

Dear Jack: We Sold Our Townhouse... It's Official!

Dear Jack,

The pictures you see here are not totally recent… they are from December 1st, 2014; more than 2 and a half months ago.

I’ve been hinting that we sold our townhouse. But for me, there just wasn’t closure with the story:

We were waiting on a reimbursement from taxes that we accidentally double paid, which ultimately was the profit we made from selling our townhouse.

Well, that check arrived in the mail last week; about three weeks after moving into our new home. Closure has now arrived.

I don’t want to portray this story lightly. I consider it a miracle of God that it happened the way it did:

After just 3 days on the market, our real estate agent, Dave Stanley with Reliant Realty, informed us that a nice young couple bought our townhouse from us. And we didn’t have to simply break even to sell it.

We had been praying that God would bring the right people to our townhouse. I believe God prepared them in their lives to see our townhouse when they did. (And it turns out, all the little upgrades we had been working on, like repainting the walls, and adding the backsplash, actually impressed them. They also liked our clean we kept it.)

To me, this is miraculous because it was mostly wishful thinking on our part that we would actually be able to sell it (especially for a profit) before we moved into our new house.

Dear Jack: We Sold Our Townhouse... It's Official!

I was miserably prepared to become a landlord for the next couple of years.

Instead, we don’t have to worry about it anymore!

Our townhouse was great for what we needed it for when Mommy and I first got married. It was our brand new starter home.

And now, I am so grateful to know it went to a good home.

No, wait… that doesn’t make sense. What I meant to say was, I am grateful to know that our good home went to such good new owners.

I am so happy to be where we are in life. As I’ve said it before, we worked very hard to get where we are today.

It’s not that things are just handed to Mommy and me. But every once in a while, people like us get a break.

And our townhouse selling (for a profit) in 3 days to happy new owners is definitely one of those breaks for us. Thank the Lord!

The townhouse chapter in our life is now complete. Right on time.