Fuller House Recaps: Renewed for a 2nd Season

Fuller House Recaps: Renewed for a 2nd Season

Just a few days after the 1st season of Fuller House was released on Netflix, it was announced that a 2nd season has been ordered.

Therefore, that means there will also be a 2nd season of Fuller House Recaps. I look forward to continuing to be your host and guide not just through the rest of this first season, but the next one as well.

Here’s my video recap of this historic event:

I imagine that Season 2 will answer some of our unanswered questions:

“Why does Uncle Joey wear a wedding ring but never mention his wife or bring her to the house?”

“What about Danny’s wife? We briefly saw her kiss Danny, but I don’t believe we even got a name.”

“Who will DJ choose: Steve or Matt?”

Plus, is there a chance that Mary Kate or Ashley will reprise the role of Michelle? (Either one will do; we don’t have to have both.)

And will Stephanie, age 34, finally start acting like she’s 34?

The fact that Fuller House was so quickly renewed apparently tells us something about the money being made from the show.

Obviously, Netflix must have greatly benefited from the number of viewers that turned out to watch. They realized that whether or not the critics liked the show was irrelevant; what matters is that it’s a popular show.

In other words, the free market decided to make Fuller House so popular it would actually be financially irresponsible to not make a  2nd season.

Ultimately, the whole concept is pretty weird: A feel-good family sitcom from 1987 is resurrected, not on a major TV network, but on a streaming service people can watch anytime.

It was a plan just crazy enough to work. And even if we are mainly here just for the curiosity side of it, we still are indeed coming back.

Good job, free market. Good job, 1980s kids. Good job, Netflix.

This Dad’s Fatherhood in Review: November 2011

November 29, 2011 at 9:19 pm , by 

One year.

Did you happen to read all 25 posts this month onThe Dadabase? Just in case you missed a day or two, I’m here to make life easier for you today. Just click on the title of a post to be magically transported to the not-so-distant past.

Jack turned one year old this month and he learned to officially walk. Reoccurring themes in November included “American perceptions of manhood” and “TV shows I despise.”

This month’s titles were consumed with countdowns: Nearly 1/3 of November’s posts contained a number followed by the word “things” or “reasons” or “ways” and/or “this dad.”

Could it be that readers are more likely to click on the title and read the post if it follows that formula? Just take a look on the right side of the screen where it says “Most Popular Posts.” I’m taking a clue from the fact that everyday at least two of the most popular ones are some kind of countdown.

Before begin your time traveling adventure, remember one more thing: Mail me your family’s holiday card so I can put in on my fridge; you will be seeing my fridge frequently in weeks to come:

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