A Dream about a Bulldog with a Blowhole, Minus the Skateboard

Most nights, I have a few different dreams. But usually there’s only one I can remember the next day, if any. It would be a shame to let these dreams remain entertainment for only one person.

I was at a friend’s house and their bulldog came up to me. It put my fist its mouth. It wasn’t biting me very hard, but still, it restricted me. I couldn’t walk very far with my fist in the bulldog’s mouth. Then I realized that conveniently, this bulldog had a blowhole behind its skull big enough for my other fist to fit through. So I put my other fist in the bulldog’s blowhole. My fist was pressing against its tongue and after about 20 seconds the bulldog started gagging.

End of dream.

Follow-up Questions:

1) Was the bulldog born with the blowhole?

2) Was the bulldog a new breed of bulldogs?  Was that just the first of many bulldogs with a blowhole?

3) Would my approach to being released be effective in real life?