Dear Jack: Our New Hamster, Snowball!

12 years old.

Dear Jack,

After our Saturday morning routine of going as a family to get donuts, we swung by the pet store to pick up some bedding for our hamster, Beta.

But while we were there, you and I showed Mommy the super furry hamster we saw there the week before.

Things escalated quickly:

We asked one of the workers there to let us hold the hamster.

That led to Mommy suggesting we buy an aquarium for him.

Needless to say, as a family, we are all very excited to now have a 2nd hamster in our home:


He is super cuddly. He loves to be held.

And he especially likes you!

Now our hamsters both have a friend to look at through the glass of their aquariums.

Even though they are both male, they can’t live in the same space because of how territorial they are.

Two hamsters, two aquariums… your bedroom!




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