Dear Jack: You Actually Won Carnival Prizes at Dollywood!

11 years, 10 months.

Dear Jack,

Your entire life, you have always been drawn to the carnival games at County Fairs and amusement parks.

And it just so happens, you have the constantly ability to actually win prizes when you play!

Our trip to Dollywood this past week for Fall Break was no different.

Mommy and I let you and your sister both play one game each.

For your game, you cleverly chose a “horse race” game similar to skee-ball at Chuck E. Cheese. You competed against 3 or 4 other players, and beat them all!

As for your sister’s turn, she didn’t mind you playing for her, as you were able to throw a ball into a bucket and pop a balloon.

You were so proud of yourself- and your sister would proud of you too!




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