Dear Jack: You Earned Money from Pet Sitting, Then Bought New Nike Shoes!

11 years, 9 months.

Dear Jack,

Last week, I drove you early each morning and later each afternoon to take care of your pet sitting duties in the next neighborhood over.

Your responsibilities included letting two dogs in and out of the house and checking on the two cats; as well as feeding them, along with the dozen or so fish in the aquarium.

Just like last time, you took your job extremely seriously. And you were paid well for your hard work!

Fortunately, your job payment was just in time for you to buy your new 6th grade shoes.

You are now the age where shoes are apparently a big deal- and very expensive.

But you didn’t complain at all, in learning that Mommy and I would pay for most of the expense of your new Nike shoes, but that you would have to take care of the rest.

You have asked me a couple of times now since, “Daddy, how can I get more pet sitting jobs?”




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