Dear Jack: Your 1st Week of 4th Grade, Actually in the Classroom, “Face Mask to Face Mask”

9 years, 9 months.

Dear Jack,

Despite 4th grade having had started a couple of weeks ago, it wasn’t until this week that you actually got to start going to your physical classroom at your school and meet your classmates, as well as your teacher, face to face.

Granted, when I say “face to face”, I of course mean “face mask to face mask”.

You explained to me that you are allowed to take your masks off during recess, “unless we get to close to each other”.

I then envisioned what the game of Tag would look like:

You keep the mask off until you’re close enough to tag the person, then you hurry to reach in your pocket to put your mask back on before you tag them.

Yeah… ’cause that oughtta stop the spread of Covid alright!




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