We Saw Jason Isbell Perform at The Ryman in Nashville on October 22nd, 2019

Despite moving to the Nashville area over 14 years ago, I had never been to see a show at the legendary Ryman Auditorium.

Fortunately, my wife was able to score some free tickets to not just any show, but Jason Isbell!

I first became familiar with his music back a few years ago when I was heavy into reviewing cars here on my website. Whatever the vehicle they gave me to drive for a week, it always came with SiriusXM.

About half the time, I would keep it on an Alternative Rock station, for myself; and for the other half, I would have it on a Country station, for my wife.

Jason Isbell consistently appeared on both types of stations.

The first song I ever heard of his was Alabama Pines. It naturally caught my attention, as I quickly learned he and I are from the same home state and are about the same age.

Jason Isbell is one of the few modern musicians that my wife and I can agree on 100%. My wife describes him as Americana. I describe him as what good Country Music should sound like.

No obligatory mentions of pick-up trucks and girls wearing their boyfriends’ t-shirts.

Instead, he sings about life and death that make you feel like you’re both alive and dying at the same time.

My wife and I couldn’t have enjoyed the show anymore than we did.

I am convinced that our going to see Jason Isbell perform at the Ryman will be a milestone memory of our shared lives together.

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