I Used Rosemary Essential Oil for Hair Loss for 12 Months and This is What Happened…

I am a YouTuber who accidentally stumbled into the underground world of men’s hair loss. I realized it was a niche for me and ran with it.

By listening to my subscribers, I learned there was a demand for a normal guy like me to publicly experiment with rosemary oil, in an attempt to see if it would slow down, stop, or even reverse my hair loss.

My level of hair loss is fairly minimal. I am considered on the Norwood scale as a Norwood 2.5 Vertex, meaning I’m between Adam Levine and Heath Ledger, with some minor thinning.

I was the perfect candidate to test out the rosemary oil on my public forum. I wanted my subscribers to see the progress, if any, happen in real time over the course of a year. So that’s exactly what I did.

Here’s me on Christmas Day, 2016:

And now here’s me exactly one year later, on Christmas Day 2017:

I wasn’t interested in making the judgement call myself. I left it up to my nearly 2700 subscribers to determine whether the rosemary oil had any kind of effect on my hair.

The slight majority of my viewers determined the rosemary oil was indeed effective in at least preventing further hair loss:

I definitely think your hair is thicker!
Your hair’s looking thicker than before sir… Looking great 👌
I so believe it is aiding you in maintaining your hairline, in conjunction with your diet.
The most interesting twist here is that you’ll continue using the rosemary, given your “baldness advocating,” skepticism of hair loss treatments, not wanting to be a “slave” to any product, often-expressed desire to go bald, etc. It’s helped you retain the hair you have and slowed down the balding process, imo. How long will it remain effective? Only time will tell.

The irony of this experiment, as pointed out in the comment above, is that one of the main themes of my channel is that I constantly remind my viewers that my hair does not define my identity or my confidence level. So if indeed the rosemary oil experiment was successful, it serves as a bit of a paradox for a guy who ultimately doesn’t care if he goes bald.

Hey, I’m 36. I’m amazed I still even have hair. I always assumed I’d be bald by 35.

So after 12 months of applying rosemary oil, was it effective? You be the judge.

And in case you’re interested in trying out some shampoo that contains some of the oils I use everyday, here’s a link to Amazon.

Christmas 2016

Christmas 2017


5 thoughts on “I Used Rosemary Essential Oil for Hair Loss for 12 Months and This is What Happened…

  1. Hey Nick! Thanks for publishing your experience, it was very useful to me (and I suppose many other people). After watching your videos I had the courage to made some more research and tests on my own and I am now using peppermint oil + dermaroller.
    I took the idea of dermaroller from this scientific paper https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3746236/ (x5 hair growth on AGA)
    and ditched minoxidil for peppermint (I am still blending with rosemary) reading this https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4289931/

    I have been using minoxidil for a couple of years and, after some little enhancement at the beginning, I was not getting any better.
    Using this peppermint+rosemary and dermaroller combination I am getting crazy results in months and I wanted to share with you to thank you back.
    You could try this method too, maybe it’s gonna be beneficial for you too or maybe I just got luck. Surely it should not be dangerous

    What I am doing is:
    – weekly dermaroller with 1.0 mm
    – 5% rosemary+pepperming combination with jojoba as carrier, applying 1ml x2 daily
    – skipping applying the oil the day of dermaroller and once per month for 4-5 days


    • i wanna do the same thing rosemary+peppermint combination with aloe eva oil, applying before or after derma roller with 0.5. is this good?


  2. Hi Nick, in my opinion your hair were thicker and fuller before you started applying the rosemary oil concoction. But, you do look more confident (evident from your smile and eyes) in the year after pictures. I think rosemary is acting as placebo in keeping your spirits high as you feel that there is still hope out there. My story …. I’m a 44 year old woman and have been trying to fight hair loss for several years now. And, last year in desperation I tried extreme solution of using onion juice (sometimes mixed with garlic and/or ginger juice too) with essential oils (rosemary and peppermint) oil concoctions on pre oiled (almond oil) hair. In Parallel, I was consuming nigella sativa seeds in the morning and powdered flax seeds in the evening. I continued this routine for almost 6 months, and I think I saw lot of positive hair growth and thicker hair. But it was very tedious procedure to continue, so I gave it up. My hairline (specially in front) now is much worst than what it was before I started with the onion juice treatment. I wish I had never tried that. It’s been one year since you last posted the update. Are you still using the same treament and has it changed your opinion?


  3. Its hard to judge. In the before pictures your hair was longer (maybe as a way to conceal the hairless and in the after pictures its shorter.

    I can tell the hair is thicker in the front for sure, but it would have been better for all parameters to be the same to have an accurate comparison.


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