Dear Holly: It’s So Rewarding to See You When I Come Home/Your First Word?…

9 months.

Dear Holly: It’s So Rewarding to See You When I Come Home

Dear Holly,

Monday evening when I got home from work was the first time I had seen you in two days, as your brother Jack and I had been staying in the Surgical Holding Room at Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt in Nashville due to his near-brush with surgery for his Retropharyngeal Abscess due to Strep Throat.

I walked in the front door of our home to see you look up from the carpet, smile so big, then immediately make your way towards me like a faithful little puppy. You were genuinely happy to see me. The translation was clearly, “Daddy! Welcome home, I missed you!”

After such a soul-exhausting weekend, it was so rewarding to see you when I got home. What made it even more special was that you had apparently been practicing what appears to be your first word: Daddy.

Sure, I realize that “daddy” is probably just simply the physically easiest word to say as you’re figuring out how to speak. But I don’t mind that technicality.

So now our whole family is back together under the same roof. Jack really missed you. His new activity is to hold you in his lap. You love it!

Oh yeah, and Grandma is in town from California for a few weeks now. It was so funny- when I picked her up from the airport, I suggested she sit in the back with you, to keep you from being lonely back there.

You looked up at her and didn’t make a beep until we got to our destination. You had to figure out who she was.

But since then, Grandma has been taking care of you all day, while Mommy and I give you a break from daycare. This is the first time since I can remember that you haven’t been sick. We wanted to give your immune system a break.

We are so glad to have Grandma staying with us. And we’re so glad to all be together again!



Dear Holly: It’s So Rewarding to See You When I Come Home

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