Dear Holly: I Predict You Will Look Like Willa, the American Girl Doll

7 months.

Dear Holly: I Predict You Will Look Like Willa, the American Girl Doll

Dear Holly,

Last week an ad showed up on Mommy’s Facebook page, advertising American Girl. Mommy clicked on the ad, after catching a glimpse of a doll with your complexion. As she saw a close-up of the doll, which is named Willa, she realized that the doll looks so much like what Mommy and I think you will look like, that we might just have to get the Willa doll for you for your 1st birthday coming up in April.

I did a side-by-side photo comparison of you and Willa. You just happened to be wearing an outfit with a pink kitty on it, like Willa has on her shirt.

Willa has red hair- as for yours, we’re not sure yet which color it will be: Up close, your hair is light blond. But from several feet away, it has a reddish tint. Plus, it was even redder a couple of months ago.

So Mommy and I just assume we have a precious little future redhead on our hands. I think the red hair is really what caught Mommy’s attention when she saw the ad.

Even the spunky bunny ears Willa is wearing, along with the matching almost-Bohemian shirt pattern, is in alignment with my vision of what you will be like as you grow up.

So yeah, I guess at this point we kind of have to get the Willa doll for you, even if it’s more for us than it is for you right now. Mommy and I love imagining how you’ll be once you evolve into a little girl.

It’s just too easy to imagine that you’ll be a happy, beautiful, and adventurous little girl, since that’s what kind of baby you are.

You can probably see that I am sort of fascinated by you.



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